Tuesday, August 14, 2007


....3 weeks ago....

"Dear, I think u need to tone up your body a bit. It used to be much toned and solid before"

Hint from the beloved hubby about my recent untoned body since I terminated my gym membership at Celebrity Fitness in May!

Alright alright.....I've noticed it myself cos...as much as I hate to admit it...I've stopped working out altogether since the gym termination. No motivation at all, whatsoever! First it was the determination to make good use of the gym at the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club. Then it's minimised to using the swimming pool for a total body tone-up effect...then came the excuse of having my hair damaged by the chlorine. Sigh...I know, I'm just finding 1001 excuses to avoid working out!

Anyway, since hubby has given the most obvious hint of all...guess I'll just have to do something about toning up my body before it gets saggy and all.............what's the solution?......I've came up with a perfect one (or so I thought so far). Being able to work out at the comfort of my bedroom, and at the same time saving the time/money of gym subscriptions and all......I've bought these..........

Well, this happened about 3 weeks ago and I'm happy to say that I've been diligently working out at home using these helpful workout DVDs, especially the Fat BlastingDance Mix routine which is my favourite! Cant say much about Yoga cos I dont think it's my cup of tea in workout regime. Too slow yet not much effect as compared to the sweaty effect of dancing my butt off! And of course, the additional 100 sit-ups that follow after each dance routine!

...Now....(3 weeks later)

Hubby: "Wow! I can see that you've been working out! That's quite a difference in your body now!"

Me: "And you think that I was joking when I first showed you the DVDs that I've got!"

Well, I secretly hope that I can continue to keep up with this home-based exercise routine and have a well-maintained toned up body!...at least at the abdominal part, which is the most obvious part of all when I stopped exercising! Sigh...guess this has got something to do with metabolisme and the fact that age is catching up! It takes so much effort to lose just a bit of those calories! urgh!!!! Well, A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do to stay pretty and good looking! Something the make-up department will never be able to work its magic on........ haha!