Monday, April 12, 2010

New BB?

A quick update from my previous post...
It's been almost 2 weeks since I sent in my faulty BB to Maxis for repair because it was still under the warranty period and I was told to wait for a loan unit (which I was never contacted for one..) while the old one is being sent to the workshop.....
So there I was this afternoon, dropping my Maxis to check on the availability of a loan unit (well, not that I really need one now that I've got my iPhone but the devil in me just wanna grab hold of something belonging to Maxis while waiting for the return of my own unit...kekeke...) *devil grin*

Boy was I in for a better surprise or what?

"We've decided to replace a new unit for u cos your old one is a total 'gone case'"

"Wow! really??!! Cool...but how come it's not the new Bold 2?" ..(kekeke....still trying my luck.....ya I know..greedy me...haha)

"Miss, u r lucky enough to even get a new unit..."

*greedy mission failed*

....ok..I shall not complain further...

So what am I gonna do with this now that I've switched to iPhone? Hubby la's the new owner...cos his BB Curve is also playing tricks on him lately.....

Thursday, April 01, 2010

My new toy!

My Blackberry decided to die on me last week and I had to send it in for repair...all the way to Singapore because "that's where our Blackberry service centre is located" - Maxis

"for how long?"
"at least 6 weeks"
"so do u hav a loan set for me?"
"yes maam. subject to availability.."


so, what does one do when one's phone is in the 'hospital' and had to resort to using a non-smart phone as a substitute?
getting all the itch to get a new phone la.............

Ta dah!!!!!!

A total switch from the more serious BB..

and yes!!! it's in pink - my fav color! of this very minute, I'm still trying to master the art of touching, swiping, flipping, etc on the screen of my new toy :)..not to mention the thousands of applications that are compatible with such a small machine.
The wonders of technology.......

He was fast!

I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw my baby running as if he was being chased by a tiger during his school Sports Day last Friday (his first ever sports day)...He was super fast, no joke! Haha......reason I said that was because I didnt expect him to be THAT fast, considering his weight and being chubby n all......Hubby condemned me for thinking that way...
Anyway, Zach was the last runner for his team and he was the FIRST to reach the finishing line! How was that? There were 2 events that he took part in and his team emerged 1st and 3rd in 2 separate events.
And yes....mommy and daddy were extremely proud....

All set!

Only the last runner of the team gets to wear the cape and boy was he proud of it or what?!

March past - dont play play...ala Olympic :)

The proud kids with their medals and trophies - only 4 teams were there for each event and there were prizes for all - all in the name of sportsmanship :)

Mommy hopes to see witness the exact scene 20 years from now in his uni days - academic wise :)

Super proud of his own achievement!

Love u darling....