Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All about Zach

The week went past with a stir of emotions for me....
My firstborn, Zach has finally graduated from pre-school.....looking back it felt like it was only just yesterday that I blogged about his first ever step to pre-school in year 2008 .....

He wasnt even 3 yet!

The FIRST step...
(well, he was there for barely 2 months before we decided to pull him out from the nursery class (health issues and all the stress from him falling sick ever so often)...to cut a long story short, he went back there again in 2009 when he was almost 4)

.....back to 2011.....and now my baby is finally closing a chapter of his academic footstep and moving on to another level......
It was just yesterday that he took his first leap into his first ever kindy in 2008/2009 and then the next thing I know, my baby was right in front of me wearing this...

Looking all grown up....I got emotional and couldnt believe my eyes for a moment that I was indeed attending his graduation ceremony....needless to say, I was in tears....one down...another munchkin's pre school graduation to go in 3 years time....

Taken at home right before leaving for Zach's graduation concert in school. He's dressed up in a traditional Korean costume for his Korean dance performance later that morning....

My 3 bosses!

Ok..before I got carried away in sharing those pictures, I shall get back to the topic of my post here - All About Zach...

As the week went past revolving about Zach and his graduation, I cant help but to reflect back on some of the unforgettable moments I experienced with my firstborn this year so far......2011 has indeed been a memorable year for him, and of cos us as a family.

 It was early this year that Zach was diagnosed with a hernia problem and required immediate surgery to correct his condition. Mind you, it was indeed a whirlwind experience for hubby and I. After seeking a few opinions from the medical experts, we have decided to go ahead with the surgery to have his hernia treated. Feb 16 this year was decided for his surgery date. 

The one-hour wait at the waiting room outside the OT was indeed excruciating for hubby and I. Clock ticks like it's never gonna come to a closure and we just couldnt wait for everything to be over. Hubby got extremely emotional when we were asked to leave the OT after Zach was put under the GA. Our imagination was rollercoast-ing and we only had each other for comfort during the hour-long wait. Finally we were told of the good news that the surgery was a success and Zach is well on his road to recovery! No parents should ever be made to wait outside the OT while their children are on the operating tables! It is just unbearable not knowing what goes on behind those doors and them under those bright spot lights!

Post surgery

A lil something from mommy to cheer him up after his surgery - an addition to his collection of Kamen Rider figurines. The smile on his face eventhough he was in pain - PRICELESS!

All's well now with his condition and we can only hope for the best for our children and their health conditions. 

On a happier note.....we were informed by his school teachers that he emerged top in his class for his outstanding performance in his academic achievement! It was some time in May during their annual Parent-Teacher meeting that his teachers told us how excellent Zach is in school. Well, eventhough he might still be in pre-school, we couldnt help but to feel extremely proud of our beloved son for his excellent achievement in his studies. He never failed to maintain his excellence in his studies ;). He was also top in his class the year before (scoring perfect marks in all his exam papers) and also in his previous kindy when he was 4 and came home with a lil trophy to mark his excellence in class in 2009

We have yet to know of his academic achievement in his final term in pre-school as I blog.......hence we are pretty tensed up to know how he fared in his recent assessment in school. He's been promised a gift of his choice and boy! he IS also pretty much excited to know if he deserves the gift ;). Well, mommy doesnt mind at all to part with her money for that gift simply because it's a priceless feeling to have a son who shows excellence in his studies at such a young age....Mommy could only wish that this string of excellence would be continued as he takes on the upcoming levels in his academic achievement......another pic of my boy in his graduation robe and mortar board fr uni? tht's every mother's wish *wink*

As for now, well done, my son!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dad's BIG 60~

Dad turned 60 on Dec 29, 2010 and we were supposed to hold a celebration for him on the exact day......
unfortunately, hubby was down with chicken pox the day after Christmas and the boys too - a week after daddy got it! and YES...we postponed the dinner because it wouldnt be meaningful for dad to hold a birthday celebration without the presence of his son in law and beloved grandsons....

Hence the dinner was postponed to almost a month after the original date and it coincides with the pre-CNY celebration. So it was a 2 happy occasion combined!

Dad loves spending his free time playing mahjung, so we thought what could be a more appropriate cake than this?! Specially made and presented as dad's birthday gift from his 2 beloved nieces - I-Ling & I-Vee

It was just a small celebration with close family members and everyone had a great time, especially mom & dad! They were the Datuk & Datin of the night ;D

The loving couple ;)

Portrait shot for Datuk & Datin

It was truly heartwarming for me to see how happy and cheerful dad was on his special day and I was glad we held the celebration for him. One only turns 60 once and to have a special day surrounded by all his loved ones is just a truly blessed occasion......May he has many more happy and healthy birthdays to come in future!

The YEOH clan

The extended YEOH - GOH clan ;)

Dad and the 'super heroes' of his life ;)

Dad and his 'girls' ;D

Beloved sis, sil & cousins

Beloved sis

Grandchildren??? ya. sort of...except for the BIG kid on the right!


Just recalled that we left for our much-awaited family trip to OZ (Melbourne & Gold Coast) right after my post last September.
This trip was planned a year before and it was indeed a memorable one - One spent with mom & dad (which rarely happens) and I cherish every moment spent with them. Not to mention the inclusion of hubby, my 2 boys, sis, tua ee & ee tiuh made it all a much treasured memory. Would have been a more perfect adventure if bro was with us there.......exams got in the way and that fella missed out on the trip....

Wont say much about the trip...will let the pics do the 'talking'.....


@ Gurdies Winery on the way to Philip Island

Huge space @ Gurdies Winery

@ Maru Park on the way to Philip Island

Group picture @ Philip Island

Sis & I @ Philip Island

 Puffing Billy!

 Mom & Dad....Love this pic!


 @ Movie World Gold Coast

My super-hero :)

Love this shot!

Captain Roy @ Zach on Board the Aqua Duck!

Yee Yee & Roy

Looking forward to another trip together..........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bouncing back...

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo again!
Just noticed that my last post was dated way back in Sept last year!
Soooooooooooooooooooo many things have happened and I regret not blogging as often as I planned to when I first started this blog.....

Anyway........picking up from where I left behind in my last post...YES! I've ventured (together with a partner) into a small business dealing with all-things-party! Well, I actually took up a franchise business cos hubby thinks that's the fastest and easiest way to start a business without much research needed.

Feel free to drop by! Quote my blog and get a 20% off your purchase - assurance by the owner herself *wink* macamla many followers in this blog.......syiok sendiri only!

Well...that was hot and happening almost 9 months ago. Was busy running errands here and there and trying my hands out in learning the trade, etc........
Sadly, ......I'm no business material :(. Things havent been smooth and I have to admit that at some point, I was on the verge of giving up.......and thought that being a stay-at-home-mom was indeed more of my thing than being an enterpreneur......me no likey run business..... whats with dealing with unreasonable customers, high staff turnover, unhelpful franchisor, tight business finances, etc.....arghhhhhh!!!!!!

However, with the support and advice I gained from friends and family, especially from my beloved and reliables business consultant cum advisor cum HUSBAND, I'm picking up the pieces and beginning to cop pretty well now.......

I understand that we have our ups and downs in everything that we do.....important thing is tht we hav to pick up where we fall and be positive about it with sheer determination and confidence.
I have learnt my lesson and still do.....everyday is a learning experience for me and I shall take it one step at a time.......
I anticipate more challenges ahead but I shall just take it in my stride and not too stressed out over lil things......there's more to my life than THIS!

More posts soon....promise!