Tuesday, November 28, 2006

28 Nov, 2006 - The Wonders of Panadol

Was feeling a bit uneasy yesterday evening....dizzy, headache and higher temperature in the body...when u feel uneasy wht do u do??? Malaysian style - Pop in 2 Panadols and u r on the go!!!! well...not immediately but it really works! wonder if it's the medication which really takes effect or it's all in the state of mind! anyway, felt much better after that....

Monday morning (27 Nov) - The husband was so into THE book that he reads it anywhere, anytime.....in the house i mean....not to mention the loo! anyway........the first thing he did when he emerged from the toilet was "Dear, are you going to the gym anytime soon?"..Aniston, still in bed and blur," Tomorrow I guess. Why?" Husband, "There are missing pages in the book! No QC...such a big gap....from pg 47 and jumped to pg 61"

well well well....what can I say......

Today - 28 Nov - There I was..being the good wife...and mother...took my son out for a while....just mommy and boy (nope, mommy decided to skip the gym today).....to change daddy's book in MPH....mommy n boy spent some time at McDonald's...he really enjoyed himself with the playground in McDs. It really made me wonder......sometimes it's so easy to make your child happy. No expensive toys..just simple stuff like that......The smile and laughter on his face......awwwwwwwwwwww.....it's just so innocent and genuine.....

Monday, November 27, 2006

Nov 27, 2006 - Week's Recap

Nothing exceptionally happened the past week......well here's the recap though

Was at Jusco BBK, Klang on Friday (24th Nov) for some brief shopping....spent a total of around RM200 for the following items:-

1. A blue gypsie skirt

2. A pink pants

3. 2 pairs of white sandals from Vincci

Left the mall........with a hole in the pocket and of course....a SMILE on the face..

Saturday (25th Nov)

Spent some time with the husband and the son at SACC in Shah Alam...and yes! spent more money.....got some Christmas gifts.......think it's the earliest this time for me to start my Christmas shopping.....well....how am I supposed to turn down a great bargain? Sale started at some places...my friend once told me..... "it's not how much you spend, it's how much you save!"

dinner with the son and husband before putting the son to sleep and finally sneaked out for some catching up with friends at Gazebo, Subang Jaya. You know, the usual bitching and gossiping session.....was there from 10pm - 2am...could have chatted longer if not for the eyelids insisting a rest......

Sunday (26th Nov)

Gym from 11.30am til 1.30pm (I'm a member of Celebrity Fitness, Subang Parade)..not a favourite place to hang out on a Sunday but the husband had made me promise to agree to spend at least 2 hours there on Sundays with him...hence, no running away! Had my favourite workout - BODY COMBAT.

Hung around at Subang Parade......it's actually quite a nice place to hang out...not too packed and crowded like other malls....very relaxing and mind you, parking is never a problem there. well...when you are in a shopping mall, what do you do????? SPEND MONEY! got some more gifts from MPH.....

The husband bought a book entitled - "Malaysia and the club of Doom - The Collapse of The Islamic Countries" by Syed Akbar Ali. It's actually on the recommended list of MPH.

The book? well, it's an analysis by the author on the sorry state of Malaysia and Islamic countries around the world. It's quite a controversial book and we are surprised as how it could make its way into publication, esp. when the book revolves around condemnations on Islamic states and their rulers. And more surprisingly, it's written by a Muslim itself.

The husband managed to sum up some chapters to me about how one could actually seize its power and proclaim a state an Islamic ruled when there is no single power, except God Almighty posessed the absolute power to do so. It covers the subject on how the Quran is widely misinterpreted, hence the sufferings by its believers, esp. the oppressed women.

Well, the book sounds pretty interesting and perhaps it could really create an impact on the minds of Muslims in this country...afterall, the aim of the book, as penned down by the author is 'to make the country and perhaps the world a slightly better place'. I might soon read it to get a better insight and understanding on what the exact message the author is trying to convey to his readers.

signing off......

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nov 21, 2006 - Abby's birthday

The past 2 days have been mundane. Hence, no post!
Attended my niece, Abigail's 3rd birthday party at McDonald's Subang Jaya today. Notice the odd day to have a party.......only non-working mothers and their kids! hahahaha.....nah...not intentionally....just happened on Abby's exact birthday....so mummy tot McDonald's would be fun and convenient.....

Lesson No. 1 - Try to hold kids' party in the day...Kids tend to be more active and enjoy themselves more.

Gosh.....it's true when they say 'the kids bring the house down!'....

"Mummy, I want fries.." overlapped by "Mummy, I can't find my shoes!" added in by "Mummy, *so n so" beat me!"....continued by "Mummy, where's my toy?"......and on and on and on.....they just wouldn't stop!

Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! headaches!
Ok...don't get me wrong...I adore kids....just that sometimes they can be really noisy and all u feel like doing is to shut them up! hahaha

Guess being a mummy isn't all about milk bottles and diapers. Noise endurance must be HIGH!

Anyway, it's always enjoying seeing your kids enjoy themselves...the smile on their face...awwwwwwwwwwww.......the happiness and glee......just melt your hearts.

Snap shots.....

Before the party....on mummy's bed

Zach, Abby (in pink) and Phoebe

You can never take a proper group photo for kids under 5!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nov 18, 2006 - TGI Saturday!

The husband is watching his other 'love' on tv - FOOTBALL...so I thought I'll just pop in for a post. Was at Eden at Subang Parade for dinner - only the husband and Aniston...first time there. Ratings below:-

1. Ambience - so so...not what we expected it to be

2. Food - not too bad but portions are a bit too small, hence not enough to be shared for two. Ordered the 'Surf & Turf' (which is a platter with half lobster and a small steak fillet) Was half way thru chewing the 'rubbery' steak when I realised that I should have taken a picture of it......the husband said "forget it, la. nothing to shout about anyway". hence, no pic!
Apart from that, Oxtail Soup and Carbonara - small portions and slightly above average line - rating I mean.

3. Service - the husband is one who always looks up to good customer service, esp in the food business. His rating - not good *full stop*

4. Next visit? - Nope!

Well, our stomachs weren't really filled....so the thought of a yummylicious dessert floated our head. Aniston, "so, where to for dessert?" .....the reply? as usual, "up to you"' said the husband. Aniston, "Well, since TGIF is next door......*body language*. Husband, "OK".

So there we were....2nd seating for food within less than 2 hours.

Waiter: Can I get you anything, miss?" (*note the address "miss" - we weren't out with Zach. AM always addressed as "Ma am" if am seen with THE baby*)

Oh yes, did I mention that we were out on a 'date' to celebrate our belated 3rd wedding anniversary? nothing fancy...just wanna reminisce the good ol' days.....
ok ok..back to the conversation with our fellow waiter at TGI.......

Aniston: We are here for the dessert. Can we have a Mocha Mud Pie pls?".

Waiter: Sure! Any drinks?

Aniston: Yea. Strawberry Surprise, pls. Thanks. (My all-time favourite drink from TGI)

Waiter: And you, sir?

The Husband: Anchor Draught, pls.

The Ultimate TGIF Mocha Mud Pie

Gone Going Gone......Minutes later.......
ar....gh.....that's what we call a satisfying and fulfilling dinner. *burp*

alrighty...The husband is done with football....gonna have our *pillow talk* now......think whtever you want......

*lights off*

Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov 17, 2006 - Nail Art

Was having my usual bitching n chatting session with my cousin yesterday........told me that she has started taking pics of all her nail arts done to her toes........tht gave me an idea........ I should have done that too...been having my toe nails 'pedicured' and drawn for....3 years now? numerous arts have made it into my nails....so...as a debut pic...this is it!

Disregard the not-so-nice toes.....
ok ok...didnt i say just look at the art! *smack*

Made an appt to have them changed on 1st Dec. so another pic then....

Nov 17, 2006 - Past week recap

OK...am kinda free now to recap what has taken place the past week...but before that....here are some pics i just uploaded from my camera....pics taken during the past week....

My boy in his deep slumber ~

Zach and Tasha - One U FoodCourt

Next - We were at my aunt's place last Sunday evening for her 62nd birthday celebration....some simple dinner with only close relatives.....check out some pics below...

THE birthday cake....Oreo Cheesecake - baked by yours truly. Yes, yes...I can bake...order anyone? Secret Recipe is making tonnes of money having their cakes overpriced!

THE 'Birthday Girl' cutting her cake.....surrounded by her beloved grandchildren.

Two of my favourite nieces , Abigail aka Princess and Phoebe aka Snow White....yes, she actually considers herself Snow White and refuse to answer to her own name other than Snow White. Note the hairstyle - ala Snow White (when the hair is let down)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Latest Prized Possesion! 16 Nov, 2006

i'm back home......another 15 minutes before my tuition class begins.....just popping in for another short posting...

Coach Reversible Tote!

An anniversary gift from my beloved hubby. We just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on 8th Nov 2006. Gosh! time really flies........it's been 3 years since i walked down the aisle.....it feels like just yesterday we were enjoying our honeymoon days...being married and having all the freedom in the world! not anymore when the kid comes along.....

Anyway, back to my 'latest prized possesion' ....got the bag during my recent trip to OZ and yessssssssssssssss! it's my most prized possesion for now! love every bit of it...
Check out it's reversed side below.....it's as though I have 2 bags!!!!

Well.....we women are never satisfied with only one bag, aren't we? my close frens who are like me will know know exactly wht i mean! kekeke.....there's always the desire of wanting more n more n more......same goes for shoes........awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........another never-ending fetish!

am into jewelleries now too! got some nices ones in OZ lately........u know...those bracelets and necklaces with beads and fake diamonds.......think i should take more pics of my 'other' possessions and share them with u the next time.....tht's if i still have the mood to do it.......

alrighty......another 5 mins to go.....my class i mean.


Nov 16,2006

Ok...just received a comment from my beloved friend, Kristy condemning me tht i dont blog as often as i mentioned in my previous blog...

well well...let me clarify...first of all, my stoooooooooooooopid streamyx commection was down since Friday and it just went back to normal late last night...hence my inability to blog.......

anyway, am not at home right now...am actually at my cousin's and using her laptop...still prefer blogging using my beloved desk top.

will post another blog when i get home later......


Friday, November 10, 2006

More pics to share - Nov 10, 2006

OK OK...i think i've got the hang of this blogging thingy......
so, here are more pics to share......pics taken during our vacation in Sydney and Gold Coast. Yeah....tht's my son, Zach......will talk more about him in my next blog. *wink*

Feel free to comment!

Hubby and Zach at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Family Portrait at Sydney Aquarium.

My boy and I near Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Peek - A - Boo!

My boy...the next Croc Hunter? nah.....anything but a profession in that....for obvious reason.....*a bow of respect to Irwin*

Look mom! A giant Koala!

Opera House, Sydney.

Bugs and Tweety @ Movieworld, Gold Coast.

Daddy, Zach and Mr Walrus @ Seaworld, Gold Coast

Testing - Nov 10, 2006

OK....I think I might have found some clues into posting my pics......let's see if this works......
geez...I think it worked!
A picture of me and my darling at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

More pics on the way........

Exploring - Nov 10, 2006

Been having sleepless nights for the past 2 nights and now it's another one! Well, it's gotta do with my health recently which is really bothering me. Been having itchy and watery eyes lately and it's due to my allergy to....something which I hope I already knew! Something to do with my sinustisis problem which also affect my ears and nose. Actually I've been having this problem for...as long as I can remember but it's been getting worse lately.

Anyway, made an appointment with an ENT specialist tomorrow and hopefully all questions will be answered.

At least I can be occupied by this blog-thingy for now. Am still new to this thingy and I've been exploring on how I can make full use of it. As stupid as it might sound.....am still trying to find my ways in uploading pictures in here....
yaya.. I know...am not as techno-savvy as some of you...but hey! I'm learning ok!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Debut Post - Nov 9, 2006

So, what makes me wanna start a blog? well..blame it to my kiasuism attitude that I've recently read heaps of blogs created by some frens and aquaintances and realised that I might miss the boat and not be part of the bandwagon....hence the creation of aniston-kathryne blog!
Nah.....those r just some craps as an introduction!

Well, I find that having blog is good to keep up with frens and at the same time a convenient way to have a so-called personal virtual diary! OK ok.....the fact that I've read other ppl's blogs somehow prompted me to create one! What's with the latest 'in' thing that I heard so often lately..."have you blogged?"; "leave a comment at my blog"; "log on to to blog"....urgh!!!!! what is this all about? now I know.......it's the next most happening thing in the virtual reality.....that it is!

Anyway, to those who visit......feel free to drop a few lines and comments. As for my part, I'll try to post at least one blog each day.