Friday, November 10, 2006

More pics to share - Nov 10, 2006

OK OK...i think i've got the hang of this blogging thingy......
so, here are more pics to taken during our vacation in Sydney and Gold Coast. Yeah....tht's my son, Zach......will talk more about him in my next blog. *wink*

Feel free to comment!

Hubby and Zach at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Family Portrait at Sydney Aquarium.

My boy and I near Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Peek - A - Boo!

My boy...the next Croc Hunter? nah.....anything but a profession in that....for obvious reason.....*a bow of respect to Irwin*

Look mom! A giant Koala!

Opera House, Sydney.

Bugs and Tweety @ Movieworld, Gold Coast.

Daddy, Zach and Mr Walrus @ Seaworld, Gold Coast


Shiang @ H2S said...

wahh ya kiddy so big d :)

Kris G said...

is thaaaaat all? just freaking less than 5 blogs??? i tot you said you were gonna blog everyday? muahahahahaha!!!!