Monday, November 27, 2006

Nov 27, 2006 - Week's Recap

Nothing exceptionally happened the past week......well here's the recap though

Was at Jusco BBK, Klang on Friday (24th Nov) for some brief shopping....spent a total of around RM200 for the following items:-

1. A blue gypsie skirt

2. A pink pants

3. 2 pairs of white sandals from Vincci

Left the mall........with a hole in the pocket and of course....a SMILE on the face..

Saturday (25th Nov)

Spent some time with the husband and the son at SACC in Shah Alam...and yes! spent more some Christmas gifts.......think it's the earliest this time for me to start my Christmas am I supposed to turn down a great bargain? Sale started at some friend once told me..... "it's not how much you spend, it's how much you save!"

dinner with the son and husband before putting the son to sleep and finally sneaked out for some catching up with friends at Gazebo, Subang Jaya. You know, the usual bitching and gossiping session.....was there from 10pm - 2am...could have chatted longer if not for the eyelids insisting a rest......

Sunday (26th Nov)

Gym from 11.30am til 1.30pm (I'm a member of Celebrity Fitness, Subang Parade)..not a favourite place to hang out on a Sunday but the husband had made me promise to agree to spend at least 2 hours there on Sundays with him...hence, no running away! Had my favourite workout - BODY COMBAT.

Hung around at Subang's actually quite a nice place to hang out...not too packed and crowded like other malls....very relaxing and mind you, parking is never a problem there. well...when you are in a shopping mall, what do you do????? SPEND MONEY! got some more gifts from MPH.....

The husband bought a book entitled - "Malaysia and the club of Doom - The Collapse of The Islamic Countries" by Syed Akbar Ali. It's actually on the recommended list of MPH.

The book? well, it's an analysis by the author on the sorry state of Malaysia and Islamic countries around the world. It's quite a controversial book and we are surprised as how it could make its way into publication, esp. when the book revolves around condemnations on Islamic states and their rulers. And more surprisingly, it's written by a Muslim itself.

The husband managed to sum up some chapters to me about how one could actually seize its power and proclaim a state an Islamic ruled when there is no single power, except God Almighty posessed the absolute power to do so. It covers the subject on how the Quran is widely misinterpreted, hence the sufferings by its believers, esp. the oppressed women.

Well, the book sounds pretty interesting and perhaps it could really create an impact on the minds of Muslims in this country...afterall, the aim of the book, as penned down by the author is 'to make the country and perhaps the world a slightly better place'. I might soon read it to get a better insight and understanding on what the exact message the author is trying to convey to his readers.

signing off......

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