Friday, July 27, 2007

'Tai tai..."

Phone conversation by a rich 'tai tai' in Hokkien...

Hello, ya, yalor, getting that new LV bag lor.....(pause)
Ya lor. Out of stock liao.... (pause)
I don't know la. So getting another wan lor...It's the box box wan la.....but in white...(pause)
No need to order wan la...this one sure got stock wan (pause)
Ok la...I'm doing my facial...Bye!

I was having my facial beside this lady when she got a call on her mobile.
It was obvious that she was talking to her caller about the new LV bag that she was getting.

"the box box wan la" - meaning the Damier Collection
"but in white" - meaning the new Azur Collection

My summary/analysis on what was that all about:
LV or Louis Vuitton as we all know has made a name in the fashion industry since the 19th century, famous for its handbags, luggages, shoes, and many other fashionable accessories. Well, what I find it amusing is that you do not need to know how to pronounce or even know the exact names of the products by LV to afford one. It boils down to whether you have the means to get it or not! In short, you just need to have the $$$$ to own an LV product! Forget about recognising their names!

If I were to have a conversation with my own circle of friends on the similar content of the conversation had by this rich 'tai tai', it'd somehow sound something like this...

Eh, I think I'm getting a new bag from LV....(pause)
Ya, wanted to get the Neverfull range but unfortunately it's out of stock....(pause)
(I'm just guessing on this one cos I know that the latest range - Neverfull is all sold out in Malaysia)
So I think I'm getting the one from the Damier Azur Collection instead....(pause)
Well, they definitely have stock for that, I'm sure (pause)
Eh, talk to you later. I'm having my facial now.Bye

I just wonder if this 'tai tai' even knows how to pronounce Louis Vuitton!
Well, dont get me wrong. I'm not looking down on this lady or whatsoever. I just find it rather amusing ......on her conversation and the way she described the bag that she was getting. Well, at least she can afford to have one! It was just something to ponder and talk intention to ridicule anyone.......but then again.........

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Simple yet touching

"Careful! Car! Mommy!"

Those were the words blurted out by my beloved 2-year old son while I was driving a few days back! I was stunned yet amazed...touched yet surprised!

I believe your children are what u mould them to be. I used to say such words whenever I foresee that he's gonna trip, fall, or hurt himself. So it's only natural for him to forewarn me about the danger on the road when I drive.

Amazing....absolutely amazing....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Spending $$

I have to stop spending money!!!!
Gosh, I was just rummaging through my wallet to get rid of those receipts that I realised how much I've signed on my credit card this month! It's almost a whopping RM1700! Well, it might not be a lot for some people...but it's definitely quite an astonishing figure for me...cos apart from the card, I'm also kinda running out of cash in hand to last me til the end of this month! Damn! I hate myself for being such a spendrift! But I cant help it!!!

I was already telling myself that I shouldnt be spending that much money anymore cos I am planning to save some extra money to fulfill a desire that has been dwelling inside me for quite a while......that is to bring my parents for a holiday overseas...I really hope that this will come true in less than 2 yrs time! Well, can I do it???? tough mission to accomplish! But I shall make it happen anyhow!
And here I am spending like nobody's business! I really have to do something about fighting the urge/temptations/ or whtever shit that is prompting me to spend money!
I've even tried avoiding going out with friends/making plans to shopping malls just to avoid having more holes in my pocket but I cant seem to stop the urge altogether!

May, Xiu and I were just in One U on Sunday for a make-over session by Stila and I spent a total of RM260 for a freaking makeup/photography session and purchased some make-ups which I dont really need! And to add in salt to injury, I didnt really quite like the results of the pictures taken. Quite a huge regret! Damn!

Sometimes I would really feel the guilt of signing the card given as a supplementary by hubby. I know he meant well by giving me that card for emergency use and all....but I tend to misuse it every single month and end up having the worst guilt inside me and wishing that I didnt get too impulsive when making my purchases!

I think I'm a born with the shopaholic bug inside me! A disease which can never be cured and will continue to get worse instead! Hubby has been giving hints to me to cut down in the spending department and I'd make a vow every month that I'll cut down on my habit the following month but it never seem to happen.
Well, like every other month, I'm just gonna make the same vow now.......Spend less, save more!

I hope to accomplish this simple yet complicated mission next month and hopefully I shall have a higher increment in my savings account next month! *fingers crossed*

Note: No harsh comment needed tho. Save all your trouble. This is just an insight of my feelings right now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Benefit from BENEFIT

I'm sure most ladies out there have heard of this new cosmetics/skincare brand from the US - BENEFIT! I'm so in lurve with their products that I wish I owned every single product from their collection! *I know it's impossible tho*

Well, they are freaking cheap in the US! As low as USD18 for a cake of an amazing concealer! Imagine if it were to be priced at RM18 here! Anyway, I've got 2 products so far from their range and I fell totally in lurve with them the 1st time I used them! Yup! They are just magical and truly understand our needs in having something created to make us look better, and feel better!

They have cute names for the products as well!

Ok, I shall stop here before anyone thinks that I'm giving free publicity for BENEFIT~

What I have and have no regrets having.....

This totally works as the ultimate foundation for all skin type! I was searching for the right foundation to suit my complexion and have tried many brands and yet still not totally satisfied with their results until I found this - Some-kind-a-gorgeous Foundation Faker! It leaves my complexion totally smooth and naturally blended to create a flawless look, unlike others which give me a look like a porcelaine doll all made up and having the different shade from my neck!

This is the answer to having a lasting make-up! It works as a transluscent layer to prevent our make-up from smudging! I've always had the problem of having my eye-shadow being smudged after a few hours and then having my eyes looking like panda, especially the under circles. So this She-Laq is totally helpful in keeping my eye-shadow in place with a touch of gloss on them! It not only works on the eyes, it's also applicable for lipsticks, blusher and mascara! Isnt it great? To my understanding, it's the only products in the world to have such purposes!

What I'd like to have soon.....

eye con - (eye cream with fading action)

realness of concealness (all in 1 concealer mini kit)

Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

10 - Sexy Sweep (*the name of the product is '10' itself)

Well, I've truly benefitted from BENEFIT! More to benefit from I'm sure!

I know myself pretty too well! I'd be tempted to get more! Think I've caught the shopping bug that is hard to rid off! Wait a minute......I think this bug has been parasiting in me for a very long long time.......well, it's still there happily sitting inside me and I'm sure it's not gonna leave me for a pretty long time.......

For more info on this new label, u can visit


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back to Basics

Why do holidays have to end so fast? It's always like that isnt it? Time crawls when u have something to look forward to and it never seem to tick the way u expect it to be...but when the day/holiday u've been looking forward to finally has to zoom past u like the Concorde! With just a blink or two of the eye........the holiday is over and we are back to basics once i'm looking forward to my next holiday end of the year!
Nevertheless....our trip to Club Med Cherating was indeed an enjoyable one with lotsa quality time spent with hubby and son. 29th June - We started our journey at 10 in the morning and made a brief stop at Maria's parents' house in Bentong at around 11.30 for lunch and some durians....Continued our journey to Cherating and finally arrived at our destination at approximately 3.30. We were greeted with nice views of greeneries from the path leading to the reception area and where the village is.

The next 2 days filled with total relaxation for the adults and fun and play for the kids. We spent lotsa time by the beach and just breathe in the fresh sea breeze along the Cherating coast, listening to the caliming sound of the waves. It was indeed a well-deserved short break for hubby who's been working his ass off since the CNY! Well, the food was great! The night entertainment was fun! The whole experience was marvellous that the only consolation we had before we finally left the village on Saturday was that we made a pact and plan to come back every year!
So, hopefully that'll materialise once again and we shall be greeted once again at Club Med Cherating same time next year! Well....let the pictures do the talking!