Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

The lovely celebration came and went...but not without leaving me with yet another sweet and meaningful memories to be stored in my mind for as long as I live..... was with my beloved family members on the eve of Christmas....a warm and close-bonded gathering with the most loved and treasured people in my life....

Zach on Roy's bike - christmas gift fr mommy n daddy

Not many pics were taken that night because everyone was busy being together and yakking away.... was a totally different story 2 days later.....

.....a gathering among my closest friends from primary and high school......some of my BFFs and boy! it was indeed a great night to end the year with a bang! We had so much fun that, as cliche as it may sounds..... words just cant describe how much fun we had that night...well, I shall let the pics do the talking.......'s a blue-themed christmas this year....

2 lovely and definitely memorable Christmas celebrations in a year which will remain in my heart and mind a long long time....
What more could I ask for????? A christmas well spent with the people I love, treasure, cherish and appreciate....

Happy Christmas everyone!........Have a blessed new year! See you in 2010!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The stupid me...

Was busy zipping up my wallet without realising that a RM10 note's edge got stuck with the zipper....and this is what I've got.....

What else? Puzzle fixing and pasting ler.....No way I'm just gonna leave it as it's a bloody 10 bucks! no one's gonna accept a torn note.....the last time I got a note with some marker scribbled on it...took me damn long to get rid of it from my wallet....finally managed to use it after folding the note into half to pay for 2 packets of chicken rice....>_<

Done! Managed to get rid of it to a jockey in Midvalley.......I sound like a swindler here...but hey, it's not a fake note...just a slightly torn one...hehe

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Food Blog

The MGS gang has came up with a brilliant idea of creating a food blog where each and every one of us is welcomed to contribute to the blog....
Reason for such blog is for us to share our recipes, our mothers' recipes or even our grandmothers' recipes in bringing home closer to some of us who are abroad and miss home-cooked food. Or simply, for the fun of sharing our culinary talents/experiences/encounters with each other, as well as friends who are not in the MGS circle ;)

So here it is....presenting.....

Do feel free to drop by and leave comments after you've tried out the recipes posted in there!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Warehouse sales mania

The whole month of December is unofficially THE warehouse sale month where many companies take the opportunity to clear all their stocks and make way for new products when the new year arrives.
Well, tht's good news for most shoppers, me included.
So last week, the first weekend of December was the start of all warehouse sales like Corningware, etc, FJ Benjamin, Nestle, Coach, branded cosmetics and fragrances (Lancome, Shu Uemura, Biotherm, Benefit), Cadbury, Giant, Watsons, Metrojaya....just to name a few....more actually...u can log onto 

Well, I'm only gungho over certain products so I picked n chose which sales I wanted to go (my plan was to 3 sales - Corningware etc, Coach and FJB). So there I was.... all hyped up and geared up to brave myself into crowds of mostly housewives, mothers, daughters who go gaga over Corningware, Corelle, and Pyrex sale in Atria Jaya on Friday (4 Dec 2009). I was there with Vky and her bf, Benny. Thankgoodness Benny was there to help us carry all those stuffs. Our purchases took up 4 full trolleys. No Joke!

The results???

OK...the only things that are mine are 1 Corelle Dinner set, 6 of those white bowls, those 2 pots, 2 small Corningware and glass casseroles as Xmas gifts. The rest are LK's, CL's and Xiu's.

A fruitful outing indeed. These stuffs are more than 50% off the original price, except for Corelle dinner set. So, it's worth the own justification to myself.
More cooking to come to ensure I fully utilise them :)
We actually planned to Armada Hotel for Coach sale as our next stop after Atria. Stupid me for seeing the wrong date for Coach sale. It's on Sunday (6 Dec 2009) and only sale for ONE day. Bloody hell...forget it. No way I'm gonna go through the crowds in warehouse sales on a weekend. those were the results of the first warehouse sale I went to.....

Next planned sale was to FJ Benjamin's in Klang with Maria the next day. Was actually looking forward to getting my hands on some cheaper-than-usual-price clothes/lingeries for myself, hubby and kids...but was disappointed by their sale this time. Nothing captured my attention. Nothing at all! And as I was walking towards the exit....this caught my attention....and it's my only purchase from their sale.....

I know I know...another peep-toe...I havent even worn the earlier 2 pairs I've got from NY. Well, I've always loved peep-toe shoes, just that I couldnt really find a nice and comfortable pair before this and those that I've got before this gave me blisters and I gave them all away. And this particular pair costs RM389 (usual price) and I dont think I'll fork out that much at it's original price lor. Well, I've got this at only RM150 at the's so comfy and it's by GUESS. 
Isnt it a good buy? *grin* even if they give me blisters in's still a lovely pair :)

Well, shopping didnt stop there. Subang Parade was the next stop with hubby and kids. And this is what hubby got.....

Now.....I'll have more confidence driving myself to KL.........and I wont get lost shopping in KL or even out of KL!

It was indeed a weekend with many holes in the pocket!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

They have arrived!

They are finally here...arrived safely!!!!
My babies from NYC...Love 'em! Absolutely no regrets in taking the risk of purchasing 'em without trying 'em on.
A big thank you to CL for giving such a good review about 'em and to Rach for taking the trouble and effort in buying and sending 'em to me.
Now I'm all set to party in my new footies!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A date with Alan & Hacken

First of all, I dont own a single album of neither singer.
Secondly, I dont read, write or even converse in Cantonese in my daily life.
But those didnt deter me and hubby from catching both singers in concert last Saturday.
To be honest, I dont find more than half of the total songs they sang familiar, I was clueless on the lyrics featured on the 2 big screens next to the stage and yet we enjoyed the show thoroughly.

Alan and Hacken were two of the most famous singers in HK, especially during the 70s and 80s (for Alan, when he first started with the Wynners) and 90s and early 21st century for Hacken. It was indeed a concert well done and prepared eventhough they have been performing in Malaysia numerous times and if I'm not mistaken, annually for the past few years. It was a concert worth watching and we didnt regret going, eventhough we were clueless on most of the songs they sang during the entire concert. Poor hubby was even more clueless than me because he couldnt understand a single thing both singers were saying on stage and I had to be his personal translater with my half past six fluency on the language.

Well, we enjoyed ourselves, fact, it was our first live concert together since we knew each other! A memorable one indeed.......

Pictures taken from my phone....

Computerised (they admitted on stage) pictures of the two "muscular" singers

We were one of the early birds to arrive (kiasu - arrived 2 hrs before show started) apa lagi...take pics la!

Still-empty stadium

From our seat - Row 18 from the front. Not very near though, couldnt even see their faces.

It wasnt a full-house concert and the best part was - we've got the whole row to ourselves! No joke!

Stage prop with the initials of both singers' name

Opening act..... Hacken (left) Alan (right)

A good, exciting, memorable and fun date indeed.......

Inflammation of the what????

Just like any other obedient mothers,wives, sisters, girlfriends, daughters, I finally had my annual pap smear done. It was actually 4 months delayed but I got it done somehow. It was last month - November 2009
So there I was, in the doctor's room, having whatever routined scans done by my ever-cheerful, attentive and alert obsterician/gyanecologist. And, I was there to enquire further about the cervical vaccinations (esp Gardasil, which is the popular and most reliable vaccination of all) which I intend to get to prevent myself from the obvious - cervical cancer. Well, I was to wait for my pap smear results and if everything turns out fine, then only I'll be able to ger myself vaccinated.

Emerging from her room, I didnt give much thought about how my results will turn out to be, thinking everything's gonna be ok. Not until 2 weeks later when I receive a call,

"Doctor wants to see you regarding your pap-smear results".

Now....was I naive before this or what?????
 Damn! Fuck! All worries came flooding my mind and I have like millions of questions going through my head guessing what could it be! You see, one usual pattern about my gynae is - if your medical result turn out fine, she wont asked to see you. She'll just get her nurse to call you and tell you to just come and collect your results anytime at your convenience. Now, the fact that I was told to go and see her - SOMETHING is definitely not right!!!!

Well, it'll be a long and boring post if I were to go on to every single details leading to my test results. In short - I was told that I have some bacteria inflammation of some cells in me that COULD possibly lead to cervical cancer. The last C word is indeed alarming and scary! But those words - 'could' and 'possible' did make a good calming factor. There she goes...bla bla bla about 97% women who face what I'm facing will usually have their inflammation cleared after a week of prescribed antibiotic to clear up those inflammatory cells. 1 out of 5 women who undertake the prescribed antibiotic will usually have their inflammation cleared and their pap smear results coming out ok and normal after that. So,

"it's actually nothing to worry about. Just take the antibiotic for a week, and come see me after 2 months and get another round of pap-smear done, you should be cleared of those inflammation"

Now, back to how I perceive the whole situation. To say that I'm not worried at all would be a lie. Of course I'm worried. It's cancer we are talking about here. And I have signs and factors in my body that show that I'm prone to it. Damn! Well, there's nothing much that I can do except to take those antibiotic obediently and wait for 2 months before I could finally know for sure if I'm at risk. With God's grace and mercy, I'll be cleared from it. Otherwise, there would be more test, i.e, biopsy to determine further how serious it can get. URGH!!!!!

I'll definitely keep an update 2 months from now.........

Well my advice to all who read my blog....get yourself, your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter (ok...perhaps I dont have readers that old yet..) to have their pap-smear done. It's not something to be shy about. It's a simple procedure with a big effect if things/problems/complications are detected earlier.

Remember: Health is Wealth