Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Inflammation of the what????

Just like any other obedient mothers,wives, sisters, girlfriends, daughters, I finally had my annual pap smear done. It was actually 4 months delayed but I got it done somehow. It was last month - November 2009
So there I was, in the doctor's room, having whatever routined scans done by my ever-cheerful, attentive and alert obsterician/gyanecologist. And, I was there to enquire further about the cervical vaccinations (esp Gardasil, which is the popular and most reliable vaccination of all) which I intend to get to prevent myself from the obvious - cervical cancer. Well, I was to wait for my pap smear results and if everything turns out fine, then only I'll be able to ger myself vaccinated.

Emerging from her room, I didnt give much thought about how my results will turn out to be, thinking everything's gonna be ok. Not until 2 weeks later when I receive a call,

"Doctor wants to see you regarding your pap-smear results".

Now....was I naive before this or what?????
 Damn! Fuck! All worries came flooding my mind and I have like millions of questions going through my head guessing what could it be! You see, one usual pattern about my gynae is - if your medical result turn out fine, she wont asked to see you. She'll just get her nurse to call you and tell you to just come and collect your results anytime at your convenience. Now, the fact that I was told to go and see her - SOMETHING is definitely not right!!!!

Well, it'll be a long and boring post if I were to go on to every single details leading to my test results. In short - I was told that I have some bacteria inflammation of some cells in me that COULD possibly lead to cervical cancer. The last C word is indeed alarming and scary! But those words - 'could' and 'possible' did make a good calming factor. There she goes...bla bla bla about 97% women who face what I'm facing will usually have their inflammation cleared after a week of prescribed antibiotic to clear up those inflammatory cells. 1 out of 5 women who undertake the prescribed antibiotic will usually have their inflammation cleared and their pap smear results coming out ok and normal after that. So,

"it's actually nothing to worry about. Just take the antibiotic for a week, and come see me after 2 months and get another round of pap-smear done, you should be cleared of those inflammation"

Now, back to how I perceive the whole situation. To say that I'm not worried at all would be a lie. Of course I'm worried. It's cancer we are talking about here. And I have signs and factors in my body that show that I'm prone to it. Damn! Well, there's nothing much that I can do except to take those antibiotic obediently and wait for 2 months before I could finally know for sure if I'm at risk. With God's grace and mercy, I'll be cleared from it. Otherwise, there would be more test, i.e, biopsy to determine further how serious it can get. URGH!!!!!

I'll definitely keep an update 2 months from now.........

Well my advice to all who read my blog....get yourself, your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter (ok...perhaps I dont have readers that old yet..) to have their pap-smear done. It's not something to be shy about. It's a simple procedure with a big effect if things/problems/complications are detected earlier.

Remember: Health is Wealth

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