Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are u ok?

Just tot I'll just share this with you all......

I was at IJN (Institut Jantung Negara) last Thursday for a full and thorough body medical checkup. YES....u got it right.....a full body checkup.

It was initially planned for mom n dad to go for it as I feel it's good to know dad's heart condition, considering we have a family history of heart disease. And since dad agreed to it....I tot it'll be good to have mom's health checked as well.

I have to give a big thumb's up for IJN. Enquiry department was superb in replying my numerous emails, not to mention my neverending questions. Gone were the days when we got to personally go to the hospital for our appointments to be fixed and come back again on the scheduled time and date. Now everything can be arranged through emails. After a few emails exchange between the ever helpful Miss Aida, our appointments were fixed. Mid way through my correspondence with Miss Aida, I thought it'll be good too for hubby n I have our health condition known as well. We've had talks on a few occasions where we felt that it's important to at least have our cholesterol, sugar, fats, etc level known to at least create an awareness for ourselves. And mind you, I've never had my body thoroughly checked all my life! So it's about time I do that and hubby was more than willing to accompany me for it as he felt that he should be aware of his health condition as well. So we all decided to sign up for the Executive Screening Program (ESP) offered by IJN at a cost of RM555/person.

*I was told it costs much more in private hospitals for similar health screening*

So, all arrangements we finally made between Miss Aida and me. Thanks to the ppl who invented emails! Everything was done online - from filling up the application form right up to the submission and confirmation of appointment date and time.

Mom n dad had their appointments fixed 2 days before ours. We couldnt have all our appointments fixed at the same time for obvious reason - I need babysitters!

Ok...think I've gone a bit too far in talking abt the pre-appointment part.

So, we arrived at IJN at 7.30am (our appointments were scheduled at 7.45am). Had our particulars taken down, given a name tag and face towel (a stress test is included in this program where we were required to walk/run on a treadmill to have our heart rate checked)

Next we were assembled in a group of 4 and an escort was assigned to guide us through the whole procedure of the ESP.

Before he took us for our first round of test, we were brought to the cashier counter for payment. up before you start! Fair enough.

Then the real thing begins -

First, we were given a small container for our urine test.

Then, we were brought to the blood test lab to have our blood samples taken for various tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid, fat content, etc) Poor hubby, he was poked twice because the medical officer couldnt extract enough blood on his first attempt.

Next, we were guided to the Radiology Department to have our X-rays taken.

I was quite hesitant for this, reason being - the thought of being half naked in front of the machine, not to mention the officer in charged is just uncomfortable. However, I was surprised that it was no longer required to do so. My X-ray was taken with me having the hospital suit put on. That totally changed my perception on X-rays :)

After that, we were taken to the Physiotheraphy Department for the lung function test. While at the waiting room, we saw a number of post-heart surgery patients waiting to have their routined physiotherapy done. I could see the raw stitches right up to their neck revealed while they were aided to their respective physiotherapists' room. It was not a pleasant sight at all as I could see the pain there were enduring while walking and talking at the same time. And most of them were male patients. We were later told by our consultant doctor that male patients make up to 70% of the total patients in IJN! Guys, take good care of ur heart! watch ur diet!

Back to our lung function test. We were required to blow into a tiny inhaler which is connected to the computer for the reading of our lungs' functions. It was no easy task as we were required to take in a deep breath and blow out as hard as we could so that our lungs functionalities will be read accurately. Well, we got choked a few times during the 3 attempts given but it was all pleasant to know that we've got strong lungs! A big reward to ourselves for being non-smokers!

We also got our BMI (Body Mass Index) analysed. I didnt like the result.....tho it's still within the stated limit......

The last and final round of the ESP was of course, the stress test. That took the longest wait because there is only ONE treadmill for the test for a total of about 10 people signed up for the ESP that day. We waited for more than an hour and finally it was my turn. I've got my body stuck with those stickers connected to numerous wires, as always seen on TV for EGC tests. The full test comprises of 5 stages where the speed for each stage increases after 3 minutes each. It was a breeze walk for me from stage 1 til 3 and I ran my heart out when it came to stage 4. It took me a total of 10 mins 26 secs on the treadmill when I finally gave up. Not an easy test at all! I was sweating all over and gasping for air when the technician reduced the speed after I surrendered to her! Hubby did better - went through stage 1 to 4 easily and just as he was prepared for a good run in stage 5, she stopped the machine saying it's more than enough to detect a good heart at stage 4! Hah!

A total of 5 rounds of various tests....we were finally brought to the waiting area to see our consultant doctor for our results. Waited for approximately 30 mins before we were called into the doctor's room.

My results - All looked good. Satisfying.

Hubby's - Not too bad except for some minor abnormalities which required some extra attention and awareness, especially food intake wise.

Bottomline : We were quite pleased with the overall results from the checkup and we thank God that everything went well and that we could have a peace of mind about our health- for now. Hopefully they maintain that way in years to come!

Monday, March 09, 2009




- waking up to a brand new day each morning to such greeting - "good morning, mommy"

- seeing the smiles on your kids' face, meant only for you alone

- feeling thankful that you are blessed with a loving husband and beautiful children

- seeing the natural brotherly bond formed among your sons

- when you hear cries and laughters by your kids in the house daily

- seeing the father-and-son bond among your husband and sons right before your eyes

- when your baby reaches out to you with open arms indicating "carry me"

- when your baby wants you and you only and no one else

- when hubby gives you a peck on the cheek every morning before leaving for work

- when your hubby asked for your opinions in anything and everything

- when you hear "I Love You(s)" from your husband every now and then

- receiving phone calls from your husband in the middle of the day

- when your mom calls you just to say 'hi' and ask about your well-being

- having a loving, happy and close-knitted family

- when you have family functions filled with pleasant chats and laughters

- when you get to joke about anything and everything among your family members

- when you gain strong support from your husband and family members in whatever decision you make

- when you are complimented for your effort in achieving what you aim for

- knowing that you have reliable friends to share your thoughts with

- knowing that your friends are there for you when you have your ups and downs

- knowing that you have loving family members to confide in

- having your family and friends around during festive seasons

- knowing that you are being appreciated for whatever you do

- thanking God every night for another blessed day passed by