Monday, March 09, 2009




- waking up to a brand new day each morning to such greeting - "good morning, mommy"

- seeing the smiles on your kids' face, meant only for you alone

- feeling thankful that you are blessed with a loving husband and beautiful children

- seeing the natural brotherly bond formed among your sons

- when you hear cries and laughters by your kids in the house daily

- seeing the father-and-son bond among your husband and sons right before your eyes

- when your baby reaches out to you with open arms indicating "carry me"

- when your baby wants you and you only and no one else

- when hubby gives you a peck on the cheek every morning before leaving for work

- when your hubby asked for your opinions in anything and everything

- when you hear "I Love You(s)" from your husband every now and then

- receiving phone calls from your husband in the middle of the day

- when your mom calls you just to say 'hi' and ask about your well-being

- having a loving, happy and close-knitted family

- when you have family functions filled with pleasant chats and laughters

- when you get to joke about anything and everything among your family members

- when you gain strong support from your husband and family members in whatever decision you make

- when you are complimented for your effort in achieving what you aim for

- knowing that you have reliable friends to share your thoughts with

- knowing that your friends are there for you when you have your ups and downs

- knowing that you have loving family members to confide in

- having your family and friends around during festive seasons

- knowing that you are being appreciated for whatever you do

- thanking God every night for another blessed day passed by


CL said...

am reading this with envy :P

Aniston said...

aww.....u dont have sure u too feel happiness in other ways... :)