Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It wasnt so good....

So...I went through it with a clear conscience.....little did I know that the whole procedure was indeed a messy and uncomfortable one.... I shall not go further for it's definitely not something a woman would wanna go thru....bottomline is - I hated the whole procedure! Wish and hope that I wont have to go thru it ever again.....!!!!

Well, the result from the colposcopy didnt seem positive enough to have an immediate clearance from my gynae. I not only had 1 biopsy taken; but THREE! THREE frigging snips for further lab test!
And so..the waiting game continues.........I'll know my fate next tuesday.....
it could be HPV, Cervicitis or even stage 1 of the existence of pre-cancerous cells in me.

My gynae suspects that I'm at the low risk of HPV or worse case, cervicitis - which she said is nothing to worry for both are easily treated.

But what if it's the 3rd case scenario?, I asked.

"Lets not go to that part just yet...we'll see how the result go by next week" she said.

and my anxiety just went sky rocket high!.......another long wait...till my next post....good luck to myself!

...long sigh...

Monday, January 25, 2010


Warning: This post might be a lil 'gross and disturbing' for those who are not familiar with the female health problems.
Readers' discretion advised.

Remember my Pap smear in Nov 09?'s the follow up after my 2nd round of it as advised by my gynae after my anti-inflammatory medication.....

This is what I'm going to go through at the hospital tomorrow afternoon...I'll let the article (adapted from the web -  Colposcopy) do the explanation...

One of the most frightening times in a woman's life is when the gynecologist calls and says her Pap smear results are abnormal. Although you might think an abnormal Pap smear means you have cervical cancer, the fact is that the majority of abnormal Pap smears are not caused by cervical cancer. The more likely cause of abnormal Pap smear results is inflammation or a vaginal infection.

Because the Pap smear is a screening tool and not a diagnostic tool, your gynecologist may want to take a closer look at your cervix to determine the cause of your abnormal Pap smear results. He will perform an examination called a colposcopy. Your doctor may order this procedure if you have Pap smear results which:

•indicate dysplasia or cancer

•show evidence of HPV

•show atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS) or repeated (ASCUS)

Your gynecologist may also order a colposcopy because your cervix appears abnormal during your pelvic exam and Pap smear, or if you have a history of prenatal DES exposure.

Colposcopy is a simple and painless procedure performed in a gynecologist's office that takes 10 to 15 minutes. You are positioned on the examination table like you are for a Pap smear, and an acetic acid (such as common table vinegar) is placed on the cervix. This causes the cervical cells to fill with water so light will not pass through them.

Your physician will use a colposcope to view your cervix. A colposcope is a large, electric microscope that is positioned approximately 30 cm from the vagina. A bright light on the end of the colposcope lets the gynecologist clearly see the cervix.

During the colposcopy, the gynecologist focuses on the areas of the cervix where light does not pass through. Abnormal cervical changes are seen as white areas -- the whiter the area, the worse the cervical dysplasia. Abnormal vascular (blood vessel) changes are also apparent through the colposcope. Typically, the worse that the vascular changes are, the worse the dysplasia.

If your physician can view the entire abnormal area through the colposcope, a tissue sample or biopsy is taken from the whitest abnormal areas and sent to the lab for further evaluation.

Well, according to my gynae, 97% out of patients who are found with inflammation are cleared off from the 2nd round of pap smear. And I have to be among the 3% who requires further test - aptly the Colposcopy!
"It's nothing to be worried. It's just a further procedure to ensure that pre-cancerous cells are absent/present in your cervix", she optimistically explained.
Hmm...I'll be lying to say that I'm not worried at all about all this.....YES! I'm extremely nervous, anxious, and totally stressed out with my own health condition. I'm really unprepared for this......just hoping for the best and that it's just what my gynae calls it - a chronic case of Cervicitis.
Praying for a positive outcome.....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello 2010!

2009 came and went......and here's welcoming 2010! That also means another round of busy year for mommy......shuttling her elder offspring to and from school on a daily basis....and even a farther route cos mommy, being 'itchy backside' decided to change his school. Well, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do....

bangun pagi;
gosok gigi;
cuci muka;
tukar baju;
ambil kunci;
masuk kereta;
hantar anak;
pergi sekolah......

Yup...tht's my daily routine from Jan 5th onwards....and a typical day for lil one and me starts at 6.30am. And it's only in his final 2 years in kindy........tht'll be another 13 years more, including primary n high school???? ok...lets not think tht far....

So there we were, stuck in the mad traffic, n then the long queue into the school compound and finally into his classroom.....and him being thrown into yet another new environment, was being anxious and a bit 'manja' upon our arrival at school. So mommy was expecting him to start 'raining' once we entered the class but lil hero, being totally unpredictable, was merry, cheerful and happy! So we thought that was the best time to just leave him getting himself adapted in his new environment. And boy did he surprise us!!!

"Bye bye, mommy!"

....and happily continued playing with his new found friend, whom mommy later found out is boy named Billy.

Tea time in school - porridge and milo
Lunch was actually pizza and fun fries, and dessert - ice cream!
I wanna go back to school too! ;D

somehow he gave me that "it's not tasty, mommy" look...but I later found out he walloped the whole bowl AND emptied the cup :)

I was later told by his teacher that he's indeed a very independent boy who does everything himself, including eating, drinking, packing his school bag and going to the loo, all by himself without any aid from his teachers - on his first day in a new school!
I'm a proud mommy *blush*

Looks like my son could easily fit in in a new environment.......he's a survivor.......