Monday, May 24, 2010


oh....did I mention that Roy uttered the word 'mommy' perfectly on my birthday??
The best birthday present ever!......

Now I have 2 chipmunks at home yelling the word 'mommy', - together at times and as irritating as it may sound at times....but I wouldnt trade those moments for anything in the world!

Friday, May 21, 2010


oh ya...btw...yea...i hit the big three-oh....
totally forgot about it in here...
tht shows how much I anticipated the coming of the age....why does tht sound pretty awkward??? wasnt much of a celebration - *pause* tht's because "u dont wanna be reminded of your age from now onwards"!

nevertheless, I'm truly blessed to have a warm family around me, remembering my special day and took their time off to spend the evening with me....
not to mention friends who were generous in their wishes by flooding my facebook, twitter and smses welcoming me to the club 30! I'm officially a member to another new club.......cheers to that!

now I truly understand the cliched statement "age is just a number"....cos I totally agree to it! haha
another friend said "30 is the new 20!" I wish tht's so true...I dont remember feeling the same way now that I did when I was 20? hmm......

anyway, I'll try embracing the new number in my age and live it to the fullest without a single regret!
Happy 30 to me!!!!!

Hitting 30 being blessed with 2 adorable sons and a loving hubby. Could I ask for more? I feel so contented and blessed.....

My beloved ones.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

while I was away...

It's been a while since my last post more than a month ago...
well, much have happened and they were a mixture of pleasant and not-so-pleasant events...

first dad was admitted into the hospital ....yea....again....
this time - it's for his pro-longed stomach ache which caused much panic among us....we thought of the worst but it was caused by his failing gall stopped functioning and had to be removed immediately....he's gall bladder-less now....

that was 2 weeks before hubby and I were to leave for our vacation in Japan.
Well, God answered our prayers and dad was discharged and given a clean bill of health a few days before our trip. Hence, hubby and I left for Japan with a much relieved feeling.

'Honeymoon' in Japan was superb! We visited Kyoto and Tokyo and had the time of our life there! Love the country, people, environment and all things Japanese! And we can see ourselves back there again with our kids in tow the next time. Yes! that's how much we love the country!
Some pictures to describe our memorable trip....

Under the sakura tree @ Tohji Temple, Kyoto
The Tohji Pavilion (behind) -said to be the tallest in Japan

Kyoto Tower

Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

Yasaka Shrine - "ring the bell for good luck"

Gion, Kyoto (home to the ever-famous geishas) - it's normal to see kimono clad women walking around here dailly

The magnificent Mount Fuji - viewed from the shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo

The castle speaks it all - Tokyo Disneyland!

Specially dedicated to our Ultraman-crazy sons!


 One of the best and freshest sashimi meals I've had!

Imperial Garden, Tokyo

Tokyo Tower - Roppongi Hills

Mouri Garden @ Roppongi Hills

My hidden childhood fetish - Hello Kitty!

Sayonara Japan! See u again soon!