Monday, September 24, 2007


The headline read "My Baby"........a huge picture of a devoted father giving his baby a final kiss goodbye...... That 'baby' is 8-year old Nurin Jaslin whose disappearance made hot news in the media since last month and with the recent discovery of her naked and brutally murdered body found in a sportsbag, made even hotter news to the nation. And to know how her parents twice denied identifying her as their daughter made it an even bitter pill to swallow.

My heart goes out to Nurin's parents for their anguish and pain. Words cannot describe how I feel for them for as a mother, I dread to think how I'd accept the way my child is being treated that way.

The whole nation cried along with Nurin's parents upon the discovery of her tragic death. I had tears inside me too for I could feel how the parents must have felt upon seeing their innocent, beautiful daughter being brutally tortured and killed in such manner. And how her body was discovered too! Poor Nurin's body was found in such a dignity-less way that even a stranger will find it difficult to accept the manner in which her body was positioned.

I can write thousands of words to describe my anger towards those who did that to her and I just hope that that person will be brought to justice soon. In the manner of which Nurin was treated....if not.....100 times worse than the way Nurin died!

We can all just wish and pray harder that the culprit be caught so that Nurin will rest in peace in heaven knowing that justice has been brought upon her tormentor!

Malaysian Police......Time to buck up and prove it to us that you deserve what you are being paid for!

Nurin Jaslin - May you find peace and solace in heaven. You are finally free from all those torture you've been put through and May God continue His kind and merciful blessings upon you~

There will always be candles lit for you in our hearts....

Friday, September 21, 2007

China Chinese

Received a call from Rachel from NY and she was complaining to me how badly behaved those Chinese are in New York! Her colleague even claimed that he actually saw a woman stripping down her pants and shat (yes! pang sai!) right in front of his eyes! It could be exaggerated but then again, why would someone said such thing if it didnt happen?
Spitting, picking their noses and talking out loud have been the most common bad habits of Chinese people seen around the world. They are just that bad mannered and they carry these habits with them wherever they go! And it's not only found in China but everywhere in the world!

There's a saying which goes "You can take them out of China but you can never take China out of them!"
I've heard stories on how rude Chinese people can be. How they think they dominate the place wherever they go. Rachel said they are known as the ADAPTORS! They can just adapt to anywhere they go, even in foreign land far away from their Mainland!

Rach also told me that Chinatown in NY is the dirtiest place in the city and she concluded that Chinatown anywhere in the world is the dirtiest place to visit. Sigh......well, the only Chinatown I've been abroad is the one in Melbourne and I have to admit that it was pretty dirty when I visited.
The phone call left me ponder....are Chinese really dirty people as what claimed by most people?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My 'other' new babies

My much beloved new 'babies'!

Mini Lin Zippy Wallet~

Damier Azur Pochette Accessoires

Needless to say...I walked out of LV store @ Starhill, KL a much happier, and satisfied pregnant woman! .....but not with the intention to get back again some time later to get my hands on the Damier Hampstead bag (a spontaneous try; thanks to the sweet talk of the salesperson in there) my beloved hubby offered to get me earlier with the choice of forgoing the wallet for the much bigger and worthier bag! Errm.....I wouldnt use the word 'worthier' though cos Hampstead costs more than double the price we paid for the small lil wallet!

.....Neverfull???? 'a thing in the past' now that:-

1. I have tried on the sample available and realised it's not what I had in mind prior to stepping into the store

2. It's out of stock globally and they are not promising when the stocks will be available cos it's sort of a current madness worldwide for LV lovers.....hence, not meant to be for me!

3. I'm an impatient person. No such thing as putting a deposit for something and wait for months to own it!

4. I seem to have a connection with Damier Hampstead instead....hmmm, they rhyme!

Well, I settled for the wallet for I desperately need a new wallet to replace my much much old one and not to mention, to get myself prepared to match it with my new aim - Damier Hampstead! hahaha...who says a retail therapy is a good stress reliever? Well, it might work 'at that point of time', with that short moment of excitement but it can never last for long! We women can never have the word 'enough' engraved permanently in our vocab......especially when it comes to getting your hands on the things that you adore!

My next aim ( if I don't change my mind by then)

- Damier Hampstead GM

"You just have more things to get, don't you?", hubby questioned.

"Oh yes.....just look around..... these people are just brilliant creatures to come out with such wide range of collection!.....there's always something in the store which lure me into believing them with their voice calling out - "come, come come...come and get me!"

.... well, LV to me (and I'm sure to my other LV enthusiastic frens as well...u girls know who u are!) is just like sex to most men.......I can never get enough of it! muahahahahahaha....

...and there I was few weeks ago vowing not to spend too much anymore...tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.....but then again, I'm pregnant! I deserve some pampering, don't I? That's my craving! *wink*

Friday, September 14, 2007

A new blog!

I've started a new blog which is linked to this current one.........u should be alert enough to see the additional link to this blog and subsequently know what the new blog is all about!

*hint* *hint* ............. it's gonna be another new chapter of life for me, my family and friends!

A new beginning has begun.........

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

40 Degrees Celcius!

My baby was feverish late Tuesday night, resulted from the water he played earlier in the evening, I suppose. Anyway, he was at 38.1'C at night and I didnt take it seriously thinking that after some Paracetamol given, he will be alright in a day or two!

I wasnt prepared to see a big 40 on the thermometer and I got panicked right away! He was alright at 2.30am when I got up to check on him. Thinking that his temperature has gone down, I didnt bother setting alarm to wake up again to check on him. Boy! I was in for a surprised when he woke up giving me some sighing sound asking for milk. But he didnt even finish an ounce before he dozed off again. That's when I got panicked after giving him a mere touch on his forehead. Boy! It was burning hot! I took his temperature again and was either 40'C or 40.1'C..the lowest was 39.8'C. That's when I know I could not be wrong anymore.
News or stories I've heard about how fever can affect a child's brain came flashing into my mind. Call me a paranoia, panick freak or whatsoever.....I'll do anything in the world to protect my baby from the pain/sufferings he's bound to face!

We did not waste any more time to decide rushing Zach to the ER in SJMC at 5.30am! By the time we arrived at the ER, his temperature went down to 38.3'C, still at an alarming level for a 2-year old! After being checked, we were told that his fever should go down in 2 to 3 days, otherwise he would have to be sent for a blood test should his fever continues.
Well, I wouldnt say that I've sighed a relieve upon knowing that he will be alright. In fact, I've became more worried and told myself to be more alert and observant in monitoring his temperature for the next 48 hours.

It's been more than 36 hours since his first detected fever on Tuesday night. Up till 2.30am this morning, his fever has not made a comeback and hopefully it will stay that way.
Being a mother to a sick child is not at all 'a walk in the park'! Something I wasnt prepared for when I first learned I was carrying a baby inside me! Guess no time is the best time to be prepared for anything until you experienced it first hand!

Monday, September 10, 2007


The nation celebrated its 50th year of independence with a huge bang..not to mention huge expenditure as well! Millions of Ringgit were spent throughout the nation for this celebration! Talk abt paying tax for a good cause....well, it was indeed a huge and extravagant celebration seen throughout the whole nation!

Well, while the focus was of course on the mega, gigantic celebration in KL itself, we were tucked back in a much rural place in Kuala Terengganu, having a smaller scale of the Merdeka celebration at home! Well, not a realy celebration...just being part of the KL one from the black box! yeah...the TV which aired live telecast of the celebration in KL! Hubby, Zach and I were back in KT fr 29th Aug til 1st Sept. The whole of KT city was lit up and it was truly an ambience of patriotism seeing cars decorated with flags and building draped with huge flags. Well, I'm not one who is patriotic but somehow the celebration this year gives me a different view towards our nation's independence gained from the British colony.

I had some self-reflection back in the room before I dozed off......thinking how would our country be if not for the ever-loved Tunku Abdul Rahman's effort in gaining independence from the British colonisation. How would life be without this independence gained? Will the Bahasa Melaysia ever exist? Or will we be called the Malay Land instead of Malaysia? There were so many questions running through my head at that time.......well, there were merely thoughts reflected from seeing how happy Malaysians are from foreign colonisations, free from being ruled by others, free from being supressed by the ang mos!

There was a huge performance done by school children from around the nation on the past Prime Ministers who led the country to where it is today...first of course is the beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman whom we call "Bapa Kemerdekaan", then Tun Abdul Razak whom we labelled "Bapa Pembangunan", followed by Tun Hussein Onn who was fondly called "Bapa Perpaduan", n then the 4th and my all time favourite Prime Minister...not to mention the only Prime Minister I've ever known since I understand the term "Perdana Menteri", our beloved and still well respected Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, the much deserved "Bapa Permodenan"!

It was indeed a touching moment seeing the performance by the school children carrying out tasks done by Tun Mahathir during his leadership as our PM from 1981 till 2003. A total of 22 years leading the nation and putting Malaysia on the world map as one of the fastest developing country in Asia! He was indeed the most loved PM. The PM who is hailed as the Father of Modernisation. The PM who speaks his mind and never repeat what he says twice in all his thousands of speeches! The PM whose speeches never failed to deliver with much enthusiasm and prolific thoughts. The PM who is never afraid of what others think of him, as long as he knows what he does will eventually bring positive outcomes!

Well, I can go on and on on how I love Tun Dr Mahathir! I was actually quite worried when I first read the papers last week that he needed to undergo a coronary bypass surgery in his 80s years of age. I quietly prayed for his recovery and was glad to read the papers the next day after his surgery that he's doing well and recuperating in the hospital. I cant imagine the day comes when he leaves us one day and how I'm going to mourn his passing! Well, I know it's not something nice to say here...but we can't escape death, can we?
Eventho Tun Dr Mahathir might not know me personally, I hope to see him well again and I hope he will be with us for many more years to come and to witness how our nation continue to prosper under Pak Lah's leadership.

Well, this is another part of me which is not known to those around me. How I love the beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd. Well, hubby does of course! He actually said "Hey dear! Your idol is on TV!" when Tun was interviewed in one of the TV programs aired on Aug 31st. I actually left what I was doing at that time to catch the program and loved what I saw....Tun in his ever smiling and relaxing manner in answering all questioned poised to him during that interview.

I love you Dr Mahathir! Malaysia loves you! May you have a long life and May you be blessed with all the good things in life, especially a healthy life!


Oh....I can't stop loving you....No I cant stop loving you.........(lyrics fr my current Fav album - Keith Urban (Love, Pain and The Whole Crazy Thing)

Well, It's a cover version of a very old song but Keith just hit it at the right note and makes it sound much much more soothing than the original version....he's such a gorgeous buttercup........Lucky Nicole!

Anyway, I have my own meaning behind those lyrics...I just cant stop loving Benefit! Yes my new found (not really new but definitely still my current fav brand of cosmetics) love for cosmetics! And I've burnt quite a hole in my pocket a couple of weeks ago with these purchases:

This is what I read from the catalogue to help fight dark circles! Am diligently using it every morning n night now and hopefully I can see the result soon According to May, results can be seen from as early as 3 weeks after using it. I'm into my 3rd week now.....well, the dark shades under my eyes r turning lighter but r still visible.....perhaps I need longer time? Keeping my fingers crossed that I've invested in this for a worthy cause!

Recommended by my friend who's been using it for quite a while now. It gives the complexion a sense of glow and at the same time not creating a very visible pink blusher-like look cos I hate using blusher. This is just perfect to give my cheeks some natural glow of healthy-looking complexion. I was actually considering between getting this and 10 (in my wish list in my earlier post on Benefit too) - 10 is another complexion enhancer (dual-colored) and I guess the salesgirl just succeeded in persuading me to get Dandelion instead!

Need I mention further on this???

Those three lil things.....which hardly fill up big portion of my handbag cost me a freaking 400 bucks!!!! I know May must be quietly telling me..."See! I told u! U could have saved quite a lot if u order online!" I know wht u mean May! But purchasing it online just doesnt give me the thrill of getting it over the counter. I"m a very impatient person. Wht I want I'll make sure I get it right there n then. Cant stand the wait of ordering it today and getting the products 3 weeks later. The wait is just too excruciating for me! hahaha!

Yea..the foundation faker is my 2nd I said earlier...I just cant stop loving you.....N it's truly the best foundation I've ever had so far....Still loving it..!

As always, I have a wish list here for my subsequent shopping spree at the tiny Benefit Counter at Metrojaya, MidValley Megamall. Here's wht I'm planning to get soon........This is said to work as a face blotter to eradicate those shiny looking complexion caused by oily skin type. I was actually desperately tempted to get this together with my 3 purchases but felt the guilt deep down inside me to have fulfilled the quota of my credit card allocation for the day! much for trying to save a mere RM145 or is it RM129? hahaha...well at least I dont have a RM500 mark on one bill! That makes quite a difference!