Monday, September 24, 2007


The headline read "My Baby"........a huge picture of a devoted father giving his baby a final kiss goodbye...... That 'baby' is 8-year old Nurin Jaslin whose disappearance made hot news in the media since last month and with the recent discovery of her naked and brutally murdered body found in a sportsbag, made even hotter news to the nation. And to know how her parents twice denied identifying her as their daughter made it an even bitter pill to swallow.

My heart goes out to Nurin's parents for their anguish and pain. Words cannot describe how I feel for them for as a mother, I dread to think how I'd accept the way my child is being treated that way.

The whole nation cried along with Nurin's parents upon the discovery of her tragic death. I had tears inside me too for I could feel how the parents must have felt upon seeing their innocent, beautiful daughter being brutally tortured and killed in such manner. And how her body was discovered too! Poor Nurin's body was found in such a dignity-less way that even a stranger will find it difficult to accept the manner in which her body was positioned.

I can write thousands of words to describe my anger towards those who did that to her and I just hope that that person will be brought to justice soon. In the manner of which Nurin was treated....if not.....100 times worse than the way Nurin died!

We can all just wish and pray harder that the culprit be caught so that Nurin will rest in peace in heaven knowing that justice has been brought upon her tormentor!

Malaysian Police......Time to buck up and prove it to us that you deserve what you are being paid for!

Nurin Jaslin - May you find peace and solace in heaven. You are finally free from all those torture you've been put through and May God continue His kind and merciful blessings upon you~

There will always be candles lit for you in our hearts....

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zewt said...

keep your child safely close ya.