Monday, September 10, 2007


Oh....I can't stop loving you....No I cant stop loving you.........(lyrics fr my current Fav album - Keith Urban (Love, Pain and The Whole Crazy Thing)

Well, It's a cover version of a very old song but Keith just hit it at the right note and makes it sound much much more soothing than the original version....he's such a gorgeous buttercup........Lucky Nicole!

Anyway, I have my own meaning behind those lyrics...I just cant stop loving Benefit! Yes my new found (not really new but definitely still my current fav brand of cosmetics) love for cosmetics! And I've burnt quite a hole in my pocket a couple of weeks ago with these purchases:

This is what I read from the catalogue to help fight dark circles! Am diligently using it every morning n night now and hopefully I can see the result soon According to May, results can be seen from as early as 3 weeks after using it. I'm into my 3rd week now.....well, the dark shades under my eyes r turning lighter but r still visible.....perhaps I need longer time? Keeping my fingers crossed that I've invested in this for a worthy cause!

Recommended by my friend who's been using it for quite a while now. It gives the complexion a sense of glow and at the same time not creating a very visible pink blusher-like look cos I hate using blusher. This is just perfect to give my cheeks some natural glow of healthy-looking complexion. I was actually considering between getting this and 10 (in my wish list in my earlier post on Benefit too) - 10 is another complexion enhancer (dual-colored) and I guess the salesgirl just succeeded in persuading me to get Dandelion instead!

Need I mention further on this???

Those three lil things.....which hardly fill up big portion of my handbag cost me a freaking 400 bucks!!!! I know May must be quietly telling me..."See! I told u! U could have saved quite a lot if u order online!" I know wht u mean May! But purchasing it online just doesnt give me the thrill of getting it over the counter. I"m a very impatient person. Wht I want I'll make sure I get it right there n then. Cant stand the wait of ordering it today and getting the products 3 weeks later. The wait is just too excruciating for me! hahaha!

Yea..the foundation faker is my 2nd I said earlier...I just cant stop loving you.....N it's truly the best foundation I've ever had so far....Still loving it..!

As always, I have a wish list here for my subsequent shopping spree at the tiny Benefit Counter at Metrojaya, MidValley Megamall. Here's wht I'm planning to get soon........This is said to work as a face blotter to eradicate those shiny looking complexion caused by oily skin type. I was actually desperately tempted to get this together with my 3 purchases but felt the guilt deep down inside me to have fulfilled the quota of my credit card allocation for the day! much for trying to save a mere RM145 or is it RM129? hahaha...well at least I dont have a RM500 mark on one bill! That makes quite a difference!

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