Wednesday, September 12, 2007

40 Degrees Celcius!

My baby was feverish late Tuesday night, resulted from the water he played earlier in the evening, I suppose. Anyway, he was at 38.1'C at night and I didnt take it seriously thinking that after some Paracetamol given, he will be alright in a day or two!

I wasnt prepared to see a big 40 on the thermometer and I got panicked right away! He was alright at 2.30am when I got up to check on him. Thinking that his temperature has gone down, I didnt bother setting alarm to wake up again to check on him. Boy! I was in for a surprised when he woke up giving me some sighing sound asking for milk. But he didnt even finish an ounce before he dozed off again. That's when I got panicked after giving him a mere touch on his forehead. Boy! It was burning hot! I took his temperature again and was either 40'C or 40.1'C..the lowest was 39.8'C. That's when I know I could not be wrong anymore.
News or stories I've heard about how fever can affect a child's brain came flashing into my mind. Call me a paranoia, panick freak or whatsoever.....I'll do anything in the world to protect my baby from the pain/sufferings he's bound to face!

We did not waste any more time to decide rushing Zach to the ER in SJMC at 5.30am! By the time we arrived at the ER, his temperature went down to 38.3'C, still at an alarming level for a 2-year old! After being checked, we were told that his fever should go down in 2 to 3 days, otherwise he would have to be sent for a blood test should his fever continues.
Well, I wouldnt say that I've sighed a relieve upon knowing that he will be alright. In fact, I've became more worried and told myself to be more alert and observant in monitoring his temperature for the next 48 hours.

It's been more than 36 hours since his first detected fever on Tuesday night. Up till 2.30am this morning, his fever has not made a comeback and hopefully it will stay that way.
Being a mother to a sick child is not at all 'a walk in the park'! Something I wasnt prepared for when I first learned I was carrying a baby inside me! Guess no time is the best time to be prepared for anything until you experienced it first hand!

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