Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My 'other' new babies

My much beloved new 'babies'!

Mini Lin Zippy Wallet~

Damier Azur Pochette Accessoires

Needless to say...I walked out of LV store @ Starhill, KL a much happier, and satisfied pregnant woman! .....but not with the intention to get back again some time later to get my hands on the Damier Hampstead bag (a spontaneous try; thanks to the sweet talk of the salesperson in there) my beloved hubby offered to get me earlier with the choice of forgoing the wallet for the much bigger and worthier bag! Errm.....I wouldnt use the word 'worthier' though cos Hampstead costs more than double the price we paid for the small lil wallet!

.....Neverfull???? 'a thing in the past' now that:-

1. I have tried on the sample available and realised it's not what I had in mind prior to stepping into the store

2. It's out of stock globally and they are not promising when the stocks will be available cos it's sort of a current madness worldwide for LV lovers.....hence, not meant to be for me!

3. I'm an impatient person. No such thing as putting a deposit for something and wait for months to own it!

4. I seem to have a connection with Damier Hampstead instead....hmmm, they rhyme!

Well, I settled for the wallet for I desperately need a new wallet to replace my much much old one and not to mention, to get myself prepared to match it with my new aim - Damier Hampstead! hahaha...who says a retail therapy is a good stress reliever? Well, it might work 'at that point of time', with that short moment of excitement but it can never last for long! We women can never have the word 'enough' engraved permanently in our vocab......especially when it comes to getting your hands on the things that you adore!

My next aim ( if I don't change my mind by then)

- Damier Hampstead GM

"You just have more things to get, don't you?", hubby questioned.

"Oh yes.....just look around..... these people are just brilliant creatures to come out with such wide range of collection!.....there's always something in the store which lure me into believing them with their voice calling out - "come, come come...come and get me!"

.... well, LV to me (and I'm sure to my other LV enthusiastic frens as well...u girls know who u are!) is just like sex to most men.......I can never get enough of it! muahahahahahaha....

...and there I was few weeks ago vowing not to spend too much anymore...tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.....but then again, I'm pregnant! I deserve some pampering, don't I? That's my craving! *wink*


White Lily Devil said...

now hot mama, be x'tra careful in wuteva u're doing from now on! hehe..

White Lily Devil said...

I-May! i've went in to my under construction, well.. it's more like the abandoned blog yesterday and realise u've drop me a question... Identify myself!
I-Mayyyy! dont tell me u didnt know who am i till now!
Xiu here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wah-sai! I'm using d same nick for our BB Group! sayanggggg...
anyway, when's the next gathering? it's been quiet sometime since we last flock together...