Monday, September 10, 2007


The nation celebrated its 50th year of independence with a huge bang..not to mention huge expenditure as well! Millions of Ringgit were spent throughout the nation for this celebration! Talk abt paying tax for a good cause....well, it was indeed a huge and extravagant celebration seen throughout the whole nation!

Well, while the focus was of course on the mega, gigantic celebration in KL itself, we were tucked back in a much rural place in Kuala Terengganu, having a smaller scale of the Merdeka celebration at home! Well, not a realy celebration...just being part of the KL one from the black box! yeah...the TV which aired live telecast of the celebration in KL! Hubby, Zach and I were back in KT fr 29th Aug til 1st Sept. The whole of KT city was lit up and it was truly an ambience of patriotism seeing cars decorated with flags and building draped with huge flags. Well, I'm not one who is patriotic but somehow the celebration this year gives me a different view towards our nation's independence gained from the British colony.

I had some self-reflection back in the room before I dozed off......thinking how would our country be if not for the ever-loved Tunku Abdul Rahman's effort in gaining independence from the British colonisation. How would life be without this independence gained? Will the Bahasa Melaysia ever exist? Or will we be called the Malay Land instead of Malaysia? There were so many questions running through my head at that time.......well, there were merely thoughts reflected from seeing how happy Malaysians are from foreign colonisations, free from being ruled by others, free from being supressed by the ang mos!

There was a huge performance done by school children from around the nation on the past Prime Ministers who led the country to where it is today...first of course is the beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman whom we call "Bapa Kemerdekaan", then Tun Abdul Razak whom we labelled "Bapa Pembangunan", followed by Tun Hussein Onn who was fondly called "Bapa Perpaduan", n then the 4th and my all time favourite Prime Minister...not to mention the only Prime Minister I've ever known since I understand the term "Perdana Menteri", our beloved and still well respected Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, the much deserved "Bapa Permodenan"!

It was indeed a touching moment seeing the performance by the school children carrying out tasks done by Tun Mahathir during his leadership as our PM from 1981 till 2003. A total of 22 years leading the nation and putting Malaysia on the world map as one of the fastest developing country in Asia! He was indeed the most loved PM. The PM who is hailed as the Father of Modernisation. The PM who speaks his mind and never repeat what he says twice in all his thousands of speeches! The PM whose speeches never failed to deliver with much enthusiasm and prolific thoughts. The PM who is never afraid of what others think of him, as long as he knows what he does will eventually bring positive outcomes!

Well, I can go on and on on how I love Tun Dr Mahathir! I was actually quite worried when I first read the papers last week that he needed to undergo a coronary bypass surgery in his 80s years of age. I quietly prayed for his recovery and was glad to read the papers the next day after his surgery that he's doing well and recuperating in the hospital. I cant imagine the day comes when he leaves us one day and how I'm going to mourn his passing! Well, I know it's not something nice to say here...but we can't escape death, can we?
Eventho Tun Dr Mahathir might not know me personally, I hope to see him well again and I hope he will be with us for many more years to come and to witness how our nation continue to prosper under Pak Lah's leadership.

Well, this is another part of me which is not known to those around me. How I love the beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd. Well, hubby does of course! He actually said "Hey dear! Your idol is on TV!" when Tun was interviewed in one of the TV programs aired on Aug 31st. I actually left what I was doing at that time to catch the program and loved what I saw....Tun in his ever smiling and relaxing manner in answering all questioned poised to him during that interview.

I love you Dr Mahathir! Malaysia loves you! May you have a long life and May you be blessed with all the good things in life, especially a healthy life!


zewt said...

luckily you didnt stay in KT long... there was a riot... reported in thestar u know.

Aniston said...

Well, tht happened way after I returned to KL. n trust me, I never wanna be there for long. Not my hometown anyway....just accompanying hubby!