Friday, September 21, 2007

China Chinese

Received a call from Rachel from NY and she was complaining to me how badly behaved those Chinese are in New York! Her colleague even claimed that he actually saw a woman stripping down her pants and shat (yes! pang sai!) right in front of his eyes! It could be exaggerated but then again, why would someone said such thing if it didnt happen?
Spitting, picking their noses and talking out loud have been the most common bad habits of Chinese people seen around the world. They are just that bad mannered and they carry these habits with them wherever they go! And it's not only found in China but everywhere in the world!

There's a saying which goes "You can take them out of China but you can never take China out of them!"
I've heard stories on how rude Chinese people can be. How they think they dominate the place wherever they go. Rachel said they are known as the ADAPTORS! They can just adapt to anywhere they go, even in foreign land far away from their Mainland!

Rach also told me that Chinatown in NY is the dirtiest place in the city and she concluded that Chinatown anywhere in the world is the dirtiest place to visit. Sigh......well, the only Chinatown I've been abroad is the one in Melbourne and I have to admit that it was pretty dirty when I visited.
The phone call left me ponder....are Chinese really dirty people as what claimed by most people?

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William The Woon said...

I would have to agree on that. chinese people are generally very rude and no manners as long as they are living in this planet earth. Not to mention not well mannered but Chinese people also thinks they are the greatest people on this earh. What a load of bullshit and crap. I think Chinese people can't be taught at all and yes they bring their bad habit in everywhere they go. And no, they are not the greatest people on this earth.