Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kids' Bday Party

Most of you would know by now that both my boys were born in the same month - April.
Zach arrived on 8th April 2005 while Roy made his presence felt on 23rd April 2008. It has been joint birthday celebrations for both brothers ever since Roy was born. No different this year. We usually choose a date between both boys' birth date and it's Apr 14 this year, simply cos it's a Saturday ;)

It has always been parties at home and small celebrations in restaurants so we decided to do something slightly different this year with a jungle-themed garden party at a bungalow restaurant - Jarrod & Rawlins in Damansara Heights. Venue was superb as the kids were able to play and run around in the garden while parents chilled out at the patio nearby.

It wasnt a big party - just a small do where close friends and family members made it all memorable for both birthday boys. As a matter of fact, the birthday boys dictated the guest list. Well, afterall, IT IS their birthday ;)

My trusted team - decorators, emcee, game organisers! Love them to bits!

The wordings said it all :)
Lovely cake. Fabulous design and yummy marble cake inside! 

The yummylicious buffet spread - fruit & vege salad, pasta, an array of BBQ (lamb, beef ribs, chicken, sausages, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkin)

 No regrets engaging J&R!

 Happy birthday boys!

 With their beloved Ah Kong & Ah Ma

Meet the parents!

Yes, we are all in white on purpose ;) 

My pride & joy

Me and mine

Family camwhoring before the arrival of the guests

 With some of the boys' buddies

3 mommies camwhoring....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It was a school holiday for Zach in conjunction of Good Friday. Hence, being the good mommy that I am *ahem*, I brought the boys to the much-talked about Kidzania in hope that it wont be as crowded as it is on weekends. Boy was I wrong! The whole place was super crowded on a Friday morning......guess it wasnt only Zach's school that has declared it a day off that day.....

For those who dont know what Kidzania is all about. Basically it's a so-called theme park catered for kids who get to experience the reward of hard work in many professions. Kids are rewarded with Kidzo (some kinda of currency) for carrying out the jobs/tasks given to them in the respective field. Those Kidzos earned enable the kids to 'purchase' toys form the Department Store inside Kidzania.

Some of the professions found at Kidzania are police officer, fire fighter, doctor, nurse, pilot, flight attendants, manicurist, actors, radio DJ, newscaster, baker, kitchen helper, sushi maker, construction worker, telecommunication engineer, postman and many others. Uniforms and safety gears are provided for the kids to enable them to have the real feel in the real working world....

The whole place is built to look exactly like the real world with real brands and companies in today's society, namely CIMB Bank, Sushi King, KPJ Specialist Centre, BHP Petrol, Honda, Allianz Insurance, Air Asia, Marry Brown, TNB, etc

Needless to say, it's the kids who enjoy all the fun while it was quite a boredom for parents who cant do much in there except to wait and witness their kids in action......

Excitement built up upon arrival

Telecommunication engineers

The brick layers aka construction workers

My cute lil pilot.......the uniforms provided are all sooooooo cute!

Mommy's handsome pilot

Lil brave firefighters - they were given the task to put out the fire from a burning building. Enjoyed themselves tremendously

Cuteness overload in those uniforms!!!!

My boys only managed to carry out 6 tasks in total (police officer, firefighter, telecommunication engineer, construction workers, pilot, postman), no thanks to the long queues everywhere. They enjoyed themselves very much nevertheless, that's all that matters......

7 Already?

And Zach turns SEVEN~

My firstborn, my baby, my son, my heart, my soul is 7!.......flying off fr the nest soon and on his own in the outside world and no longer by my side.... *sniff sniff*

If I had my way, I'd want my boys to slow down in the growing up department............IF ONLY.........