Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kids' Bday Party

Most of you would know by now that both my boys were born in the same month - April.
Zach arrived on 8th April 2005 while Roy made his presence felt on 23rd April 2008. It has been joint birthday celebrations for both brothers ever since Roy was born. No different this year. We usually choose a date between both boys' birth date and it's Apr 14 this year, simply cos it's a Saturday ;)

It has always been parties at home and small celebrations in restaurants so we decided to do something slightly different this year with a jungle-themed garden party at a bungalow restaurant - Jarrod & Rawlins in Damansara Heights. Venue was superb as the kids were able to play and run around in the garden while parents chilled out at the patio nearby.

It wasnt a big party - just a small do where close friends and family members made it all memorable for both birthday boys. As a matter of fact, the birthday boys dictated the guest list. Well, afterall, IT IS their birthday ;)

My trusted team - decorators, emcee, game organisers! Love them to bits!

The wordings said it all :)
Lovely cake. Fabulous design and yummy marble cake inside! 

The yummylicious buffet spread - fruit & vege salad, pasta, an array of BBQ (lamb, beef ribs, chicken, sausages, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkin)

 No regrets engaging J&R!

 Happy birthday boys!

 With their beloved Ah Kong & Ah Ma

Meet the parents!

Yes, we are all in white on purpose ;) 

My pride & joy

Me and mine

Family camwhoring before the arrival of the guests

 With some of the boys' buddies

3 mommies camwhoring....

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Kristie said...

what a lovely party! Happy birthday Zach & Roy!