Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Phuket 2012

I have a confession....

Eversince the existence of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and loads more, I have been lazy in updating my blog here. My daily access to these social media overtook my access into my blog. Hence the rare posting here. I have again and again vow to be active as before but somehow I just find it a hassle to log into my blog from my laptop when the access to social media is much more hassle free and convenient via my iphone and ipad.

Anyway, I hope to be active again here for I still believe tht whatever that is posted here would serve a much treasured memory that those posted through social media....

So, YES! we went for another vacation in August during the Raya celebration and this time it was to Phuket. It was our 2nd visit to Phuket (the first in 2009) and we truly enjoyed ourselves there....albeit some unexpected and unwanted super-natural incidents happened during our stay. SO much so hubby vowed not to come back to Phuket ever! I'll just take it as him being exaggerating......

As cheeky as always.....

 Our home for 5 nights - The Residence Spa & Resort Retreat, Phuket

 At the patio for BBQ right above our private villa

 Dinnerb y the beach at The Lotus Restaurant.....super yummy food that we dined there twice!

 Murderer at work!

 This was the reason we came back to The Lotus twice! The delicious Garlic Fried Pork Ribs!

 At Bangtao Beach - 2 mins drive from our villa

 Lunch at the Bliss Cafe - their duck egg salad is delish!

Bangtao Beach - they provide free wifi by the beach! How cool is tht?!

 2nd night of dinner at The Lotus - tried this mango sticky rice! No regret!

 And this too! - durian sticky rice.....taste heavenly!

 A waste of money and time spend here! Not worth it at all!

 In front of the restaurant in Phuket Fantasea

 The pavilion inside the restaurant

 Shim's so preeeeeeeety! I rest my case.......

 700THB for this shot!

Yea.....I admit...I'm kinda lazy to write.....well, pictures show thousands of words, arent they? hehe

Next destination - Auckland, New Zealand in November! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!