Saturday, October 06, 2007

Poor sis...

We were having roti canai for breakfast early in the morning at around 8.15am when hubby received a call from my SIS! The minute he told me it was her ,my instinct told me straight away that it must be something bad. True enough! Damn! I hate my intuition sometimes.........

Sis has met with a bad accident at Federal Highway! Her car (WIRA.....mine previously) has been sandwiched between two cars after an emergency break accident! - All thanks to a young couple who was busy chatting in the car with the boyfriend speeding his Kelisa all the way in the fast lane without realising that sis has stepped on the break on the bumper to bumper jam on the highway. Worst of all......they weren's wearing any seat belts and according to sis.......the windscreen was left with a huge crack - a result of the impact from the head banged against it!

Needless to say, our beloved Wira is the worst casualty of all...front and back badly hit! Let the pictures do the talking!

I didnt think it was that bad until sis sent the pictures to me! Boy! My first reaction??? - Thank goodness sis is not hurt and of course.....THANKS to the seat belts! I dare not think of the consequences of the impact should she not fasten the seat belts that day! Well, it's gonna take months before the car is completely fixed...what's with the way how our beloved JPJ work! I was told that it takes up to 10 days just to get the police report out! It would be fast for the workshop to get the car fixed...but it's the paperwork that's killing! Urgh!!!!!!!!

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