Thursday, November 01, 2007


I-Vee: Eh, why do I have problems sending message in Facebook?

I-Ling: You can go to Facebook and see the picture of my new house.

Samantha: How do to add Zach into Eli's Facebook?

Facebook Facebook Facebook...everyone is so into Facebook's like it's the main topic of conversation and the hub for communication with this sudden craze online. I have to admit that one of the main reasons for me not being posting anything in my blog is also because of Facebook! Sometimes I just dont realise the time I spend in Facebook...sending nonsense to friends and exploring what it has to offer in there. There just so many new things to explore everyday and it doesnt seem to be stopping. This is indeed a phenomenal thing that is happening in the virtual world nowadays......
and do you know that Facebook is worth USD15bil?????? by just creating all the nonsense that they are there now........these people are really smart I must say....and they are so successful that Microsoft is considering acquiring their company - info from a trusted source! a whopping USD15bil!!! pity Friendster...they are such an obsolete now that Facebook is such a huge thing in the net! would you excuse me, I've got some drinks to enjoy in my Facebook!

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Samantha said...

No worries babe, Zach n Eli are on facebook too.