Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To school...

Not me of course!!! MY BABY ZACH IS GOING TO SCHOOL!!!! the feeling is just awkward and I just feel like crying.... My baby is finally taking his first step into the world filled with jargons like:-
1. teacher
2. classmates
3. principal
4. canteen
5. books
6. exams
7. timetable
8. PE
9. .......urgh!!!! the list goes on and on.....

why do I feel like crying? well, I have to face the fact that my baby has grown up and he's leaving his nest soon to explore the world and find his own mind. The day will finally arrive for me to watch him let go off my hands and take his own steps into the world on his own.... Ok..I know I'm being dramatic here and all....but the feeling after we registered him into his kindergarten yesterday just left me with a sense of funny feeling which is definitely not proud that he's entering school next year.......but the feeling of seeing him having his own space without me around to see what's gonna happen to things around him just sort of left me with a tinge of sadness..... What ever it is......I wish my baby would just remain a baby all the time...OK I know that's ridiculous......but I cant stop feeling this way!!!!!!!!

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