Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Why Why?

  • Why are there ppl who are just so bossy that they cant leave other ppl's life alone?
  • Why are there ppl who just like being envious to whatever others have and not be content with what they have themselves instead?
  • Why do some ppl just like hanging around asking questions about other ppl's life?
  • Why cant some ppl leave others alone to live their own lives and not asking too many personal questions, esp monetary matters?
  • Why must ppl be so engrossed with other ppl's life that they forgot to reflect on theirs and be thankful for their own lives?
  • Why is it that certain ppl just like harassing weaker ppl thinking that they will not retaliate and make them eat their own words?
  • Why is it that some ppl just think that because they have contributed to other ppl's life that they have the right to question them in and out, up and down, left, right and centre?
  • Why is it that ppl can become so jealous and envious of others' life that they go around gossiping, making false statements and telling tales around?
  • Why must the weaker souls bow to the supreme ones and be trampled by them?
  • Why isnt there any justice for the unfortunate souls who obviously didnt wish for the misfortune that befell on them?
  • Why do some ppl help others voluntarily at first and then expect much much gratitude in return much later?
  • Why must we be answerable to others on the decision we make in our lives?
  • Why cant these ppl leave others alone to get on with their lives?

WHY WHY WHY???????????

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White Lily Devil said...

ermm.. y is everything written sound so gloomy?
r u emotionally down/sad or somthing?
do u need us bitches to go over n cheer u up?
We bitches can really turn ur house up side down u know.. hahaha
stay cool hot mama!