Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello 2010!

2009 came and went......and here's welcoming 2010! That also means another round of busy year for mommy......shuttling her elder offspring to and from school on a daily basis....and even a farther route cos mommy, being 'itchy backside' decided to change his school. Well, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do....

bangun pagi;
gosok gigi;
cuci muka;
tukar baju;
ambil kunci;
masuk kereta;
hantar anak;
pergi sekolah......

Yup...tht's my daily routine from Jan 5th onwards....and a typical day for lil one and me starts at 6.30am. And it's only in his final 2 years in kindy........tht'll be another 13 years more, including primary n high school???? ok...lets not think tht far....

So there we were, stuck in the mad traffic, n then the long queue into the school compound and finally into his classroom.....and him being thrown into yet another new environment, was being anxious and a bit 'manja' upon our arrival at school. So mommy was expecting him to start 'raining' once we entered the class but lil hero, being totally unpredictable, was merry, cheerful and happy! So we thought that was the best time to just leave him getting himself adapted in his new environment. And boy did he surprise us!!!

"Bye bye, mommy!"

....and happily continued playing with his new found friend, whom mommy later found out is boy named Billy.

Tea time in school - porridge and milo
Lunch was actually pizza and fun fries, and dessert - ice cream!
I wanna go back to school too! ;D

somehow he gave me that "it's not tasty, mommy" look...but I later found out he walloped the whole bowl AND emptied the cup :)

I was later told by his teacher that he's indeed a very independent boy who does everything himself, including eating, drinking, packing his school bag and going to the loo, all by himself without any aid from his teachers - on his first day in a new school!
I'm a proud mommy *blush*

Looks like my son could easily fit in in a new environment.......he's a survivor.......

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