Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A date with Alan & Hacken

First of all, I dont own a single album of neither singer.
Secondly, I dont read, write or even converse in Cantonese in my daily life.
But those didnt deter me and hubby from catching both singers in concert last Saturday.
To be honest, I dont find more than half of the total songs they sang familiar, I was clueless on the lyrics featured on the 2 big screens next to the stage and yet we enjoyed the show thoroughly.

Alan and Hacken were two of the most famous singers in HK, especially during the 70s and 80s (for Alan, when he first started with the Wynners) and 90s and early 21st century for Hacken. It was indeed a concert well done and prepared eventhough they have been performing in Malaysia numerous times and if I'm not mistaken, annually for the past few years. It was a concert worth watching and we didnt regret going, eventhough we were clueless on most of the songs they sang during the entire concert. Poor hubby was even more clueless than me because he couldnt understand a single thing both singers were saying on stage and I had to be his personal translater with my half past six fluency on the language.

Well, we enjoyed ourselves, fact, it was our first live concert together since we knew each other! A memorable one indeed.......

Pictures taken from my phone....

Computerised (they admitted on stage) pictures of the two "muscular" singers

We were one of the early birds to arrive (kiasu - arrived 2 hrs before show started) apa lagi...take pics la!

Still-empty stadium

From our seat - Row 18 from the front. Not very near though, couldnt even see their faces.

It wasnt a full-house concert and the best part was - we've got the whole row to ourselves! No joke!

Stage prop with the initials of both singers' name

Opening act..... Hacken (left) Alan (right)

A good, exciting, memorable and fun date indeed.......

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