Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back to Basics

Why do holidays have to end so fast? It's always like that isnt it? Time crawls when u have something to look forward to and it never seem to tick the way u expect it to be...but when the day/holiday u've been looking forward to finally arrives......it has to zoom past u like the Concorde! With just a blink or two of the eye........the holiday is over and we are back to basics once again..........sigh.......now i'm looking forward to my next holiday end of the year!
Nevertheless....our trip to Club Med Cherating was indeed an enjoyable one with lotsa quality time spent with hubby and son. 29th June - We started our journey at 10 in the morning and made a brief stop at Maria's parents' house in Bentong at around 11.30 for lunch and some durians....Continued our journey to Cherating and finally arrived at our destination at approximately 3.30. We were greeted with nice views of greeneries from the path leading to the reception area and where the village is.

The next 2 days filled with total relaxation for the adults and fun and play for the kids. We spent lotsa time by the beach and just breathe in the fresh sea breeze along the Cherating coast, listening to the caliming sound of the waves. It was indeed a well-deserved short break for hubby who's been working his ass off since the CNY! Well, the food was great! The night entertainment was fun! The whole experience was marvellous that the only consolation we had before we finally left the village on Saturday was that we made a pact and plan to come back every year!
So, hopefully that'll materialise once again and we shall be greeted once again at Club Med Cherating same time next year! Well....let the pictures do the talking!


zewt said...

i am actually contemplating whether to go for a cruise or club med cherating... hmmm....

u didnt pose pictures of those special activities though...

may said...

Nice pics... :)

And i also noticed u changed the look of your blog?

Aniston said...

Zewt: Reason I didnt put in thsoe special activities pictures is bcos I didnt take part in any of them. U know, with a toddler in tow, u can kiss goodbye to those activities. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves eventho we didnt get ourselves involved in those activities.
And if u let me choose between cruise n club med....it's definitely Club Med! I've been to 2 club meds so far and it's never a regret/disappointment!

May: I guess u have not been visiting my blog for a while...changed the look quite some time ago.