Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Benefit from BENEFIT

I'm sure most ladies out there have heard of this new cosmetics/skincare brand from the US - BENEFIT! I'm so in lurve with their products that I wish I owned every single product from their collection! *I know it's impossible tho*

Well, they are freaking cheap in the US! As low as USD18 for a cake of an amazing concealer! Imagine if it were to be priced at RM18 here! Anyway, I've got 2 products so far from their range and I fell totally in lurve with them the 1st time I used them! Yup! They are just magical and truly understand our needs in having something created to make us look better, and feel better!

They have cute names for the products as well!

Ok, I shall stop here before anyone thinks that I'm giving free publicity for BENEFIT~

What I have and have no regrets having.....

This totally works as the ultimate foundation for all skin type! I was searching for the right foundation to suit my complexion and have tried many brands and yet still not totally satisfied with their results until I found this - Some-kind-a-gorgeous Foundation Faker! It leaves my complexion totally smooth and naturally blended to create a flawless look, unlike others which give me a look like a porcelaine doll all made up and having the different shade from my neck!

This is the answer to having a lasting make-up! It works as a transluscent layer to prevent our make-up from smudging! I've always had the problem of having my eye-shadow being smudged after a few hours and then having my eyes looking like panda, especially the under circles. So this She-Laq is totally helpful in keeping my eye-shadow in place with a touch of gloss on them! It not only works on the eyes, it's also applicable for lipsticks, blusher and mascara! Isnt it great? To my understanding, it's the only products in the world to have such purposes!

What I'd like to have soon.....

eye con - (eye cream with fading action)

realness of concealness (all in 1 concealer mini kit)

Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

10 - Sexy Sweep (*the name of the product is '10' itself)

Well, I've truly benefitted from BENEFIT! More to benefit from I'm sure!

I know myself pretty too well! I'd be tempted to get more! Think I've caught the shopping bug that is hard to rid off! Wait a minute......I think this bug has been parasiting in me for a very long long time.......well, it's still there happily sitting inside me and I'm sure it's not gonna leave me for a pretty long time.......

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Shiang @ H2S said...

auntie or che che.. when it comes to things that make u female look pretty... sure get excited one :P