Friday, July 27, 2007

'Tai tai..."

Phone conversation by a rich 'tai tai' in Hokkien...

Hello, ya, yalor, getting that new LV bag lor.....(pause)
Ya lor. Out of stock liao.... (pause)
I don't know la. So getting another wan lor...It's the box box wan la.....but in white...(pause)
No need to order wan la...this one sure got stock wan (pause)
Ok la...I'm doing my facial...Bye!

I was having my facial beside this lady when she got a call on her mobile.
It was obvious that she was talking to her caller about the new LV bag that she was getting.

"the box box wan la" - meaning the Damier Collection
"but in white" - meaning the new Azur Collection

My summary/analysis on what was that all about:
LV or Louis Vuitton as we all know has made a name in the fashion industry since the 19th century, famous for its handbags, luggages, shoes, and many other fashionable accessories. Well, what I find it amusing is that you do not need to know how to pronounce or even know the exact names of the products by LV to afford one. It boils down to whether you have the means to get it or not! In short, you just need to have the $$$$ to own an LV product! Forget about recognising their names!

If I were to have a conversation with my own circle of friends on the similar content of the conversation had by this rich 'tai tai', it'd somehow sound something like this...

Eh, I think I'm getting a new bag from LV....(pause)
Ya, wanted to get the Neverfull range but unfortunately it's out of stock....(pause)
(I'm just guessing on this one cos I know that the latest range - Neverfull is all sold out in Malaysia)
So I think I'm getting the one from the Damier Azur Collection instead....(pause)
Well, they definitely have stock for that, I'm sure (pause)
Eh, talk to you later. I'm having my facial now.Bye

I just wonder if this 'tai tai' even knows how to pronounce Louis Vuitton!
Well, dont get me wrong. I'm not looking down on this lady or whatsoever. I just find it rather amusing ......on her conversation and the way she described the bag that she was getting. Well, at least she can afford to have one! It was just something to ponder and talk intention to ridicule anyone.......but then again.........


Shopaholic said...

I'm not suprised if this aunty can't even pronounce Louis Vuitton. Hmm..did I tell you my encounter with one of our school mate (ur classmate in Form 5) & LV. It was embarrassing. :P Not good to mention name here but I think I have spreaded this to a few friends...

Femme said...

LV bags? I don't even have time to go for my pedicure, let alone go shopping for bags...hahaha!