Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was taking Zach for our usual daily evening walk last week when a young boy, aged around 8 yrs old cycled across our paths and turned his head around and acknowledged me, AUNTY!
Wow! my first reaction to his address was "Boy, this lad has good manners!" Such a sweet boy to address a stranger with the affectionate "AUNTY". As we continued our walk around the neighbourhood, I came to realise....Wait a minute! I was just being addressed as AUNTY! why is it not "Che Che" or something else other than AUNTY? I was guessing in my own thoughts -

"Could it be because I have a toddler holding my hand that that boy would simply assume that Zach is my son, hence the only proper way to address such person is simply an AUNTY?"

"Or could it be that I aged so much that I no longer look like a "che che"? Age is catching up on me that kids would automatically acknowledge that I'm an aunty. What's with my wearing of simple perhaps old-looking shorts and worn-out blouse?" but hey, it's a sexy pair of shorts and a spaghetti top ok!"

"Could it be that my wrinkles popped out out of the blues on that spot that that boy could clearly spot the railway tracks on my forehead that made me an AUNTY to him?"

"Or could it be just a manner taught to this sweet lil boy that he should address a lady "AUNTY" or a man "UNCLE" whenever he comes across one on the street?"

Whatever it is, I have to admit that turning 27 is not something to shout about anymore. I used to feel proud of my age especially after turning 21. Being in the range of early 20s has given me the sense of liberty, youth and forever-young feeling that when I hit 27 last month, I no longer have the same feeling when I hit 21,22,23,24,25, or even 26! I was still proud of my age when my birthday arrived last year...but definitely not this year! I'm in my late 20s! gosh!!!!! I'm definitely gonna dread my next birthday! and soon it's gonna be 30 with three HUGE candles on my cake! Well, I managed to shrugged off that feeling after some time when I was hit with reality again brought up by the address of that lovely young man on the street! Now that got me dreading about my age once again........sigh.....just like the old cliched riddle...what goes up and never go down? - AGE!

AGE - well, it's some that we cannot avoid facing and it increases every year! Now, that got me reflecting back on what I've achieved/done/gone through at this particular juncture of turning 27 this year....lets see.....

1. I completed my degree which I'd dreaded but managed to persevere triumphantly.

2. I held a few jobs after that. Some to my liking and some not.....well, that's life too!

3. I got married in 2003....and still enjoying the bliss of a happy marriage to a wonderful man!

4. Went through child birth (that's not easy at all ok!) and is blessed with a beautiful son.

5. I've learned lots about motherhood and still learning.

6. I've learned lots about personal financial management and have so far able to manage my own finance properly...or so I thought...still learning though......

7. I've made some of the BESTEST! friends that I need to know in my life!

8. I've learned on how to start a blog!

ok....guess I shall just stop here...or I could go on and on on other ridiculous achievements....

Alrighty....I guess I'll just have to get used to being addressed/acknowledged as AUNTY by kids from now onwards and feel good about it! Afterall I'm a mommy myself!

No more che che?? No way at all??.....

"No honey...this is just what life is......You were once young, youthful and you are just gonna get older and older and older.......perhaps a lil bit of make-over/facelift/cosmetic surgeries???......

Nah......I'm ok with ageing......will try to take my stride in ageing wisely and beautifully...........

See ya all when we r back from Cherating.......Adios!

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