Thursday, June 21, 2007



Tell me...who doesnt like HOLIDAYS? I so need a good holiday!!!!!!!! Holiday away from the everyday routine that I've been going through. Away for a total relaxing time with just hubby and Zach! Away for some family quality time. Away for some bonding between me, hubby and Zach. Well, it's not that as if we are not bonding'll be nice to go away somewhere where the 3 of us would just enjoy ourselves and hubby will be relieved from his hectic schedule at work and focus totally on his family. It need not has to be somewhere far...just somewhere apart from the usual places that we frequent every now and then.

And since it's the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, we have decided to explore what's there to offer in our very own backyard! We are actually going to Club Med Cherating next week! Ooooh I"m so excited. It's been quite a while since we last went to a Club Med and that was during our courting days when wedding bells were still a dream and Zach was still in heaven waiting to be taken in as someone's else son!

It was during Valentine's Day (2001) when we embarked on our very first overseas trip together as a couple (my Valentine gift from my darling) with 4 other friends - Club Med Bali! It was indeed a memorable holiday as we really enjoyed ourselves and had so much fun that we wished we could stay there forever! Well, the thought of that particular holiday made me rummaged through my old photo albums and came across some pictures taken during that trip. It was indeed a nostalgic feeling going through the photos and since I've got a new printer cum scanner cum fax machine (yeah! finally a new one to replace the good ol' Canon bubble jet which is like a decade old...), I thought it'll be a good idea to scan some of the pictures and share them here in my blog.

Boy, those were the days man........Wonder if I could still fit into those tiny bikinis! Hahahaha.....Well, that's for me to find out soon.........cos we'll be heading to Club Med Cherating next Wednesday for our very much awaited family holiday!!!! Keep tuned for more stories and pictures to share when we return after next weekend!!! we come!

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RL said...

You're still one hot mama to me knw that! Hope you'll have lots of fun with your hubby...oh ya make sure u remember to feed Zach okay!