Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crime Crime Crime

What has got into the society nowadays? Sigh.....

Hubby, me, Maria and Yeoh were having dinner last Sunday when Maria told us about her colleague's traumatic experience dealing with a group of unscrupulous and heartless robbers.

This is a REAL drama told to Maria directly by the victim and his family.

Place - Sungai Buloh
Crime - Forced robbery by a group of 9 robbers!

How it happened - It was during midnight when a group of Indian ( I know I shouldnt be racist but it was indeed a dirty job done by these coloured monsters!) robbers banged loudly at the front gate of a bungalow house owned by (ironically!) an Indian family! It seemed these robbers were not afraid of anything as they repeatedly shouted at their victoms to open their front door and mind you, these bastards were armed with parangs, hammers and spanners! What surprised me when I heard the story is that the victims actually called the police upon seeing their attackers at the gate but it took the police a whole freaking 1 hours to arrive at the scene! By the time they arrived, the robbers were already gone with their victims' valuables and cars...not before injuring them. The head of the family needed a few stitches to the back of his head after being hit by the parang. There was a small girl (around 5 yrs old) in the house and she wasnt spared from the attackers as well! They hit her head with a spanner!
Another shocking info about this is that, the guard house is actually located less than 200m away from the house and no one seemed to notice the commotion when it took place!

I can just imagine the trauma the family went through and the post-trauma of the whole incident! I had goosebumps all over me after hearing such dramatic true incident. The thought of my own family being faced with such experience is enough to send shivers down my spine! WHY WHY WHY??????????????????????

That's one!

Another one.....
Happened just a few days ago and widely reported in the media yesterday.

‘Armed group ‘tailed mum’

PETALING JAYA: ......the son of a woman who died after being involved in an accident in Puchong said several men confronted his mother just before her death early yesterday morning.
Yew Yong Hon said he received a call around midnight from his mother Yek Yow Ngan, 51, who said her car rear windscreen had been smashed.
Hours later, he received another call from his mother saying that the front windscreen was smashed.
“After receiving the second call, I quickly rushed over from my house in Ampang with my girlfriend,” Yek said.
Yew claimed that when he arrived, his mother, a Nanyang Siang Pau employee, was surrounded by a group of men with parangs and iron rods at her house in Batu 8, Puchong.
“I got out of my car and yelled. They then fled,” he said.
Yew, tailed his mother, who was in her own car, to lodge a police report. However, along the way, they saw the group of men waiting by a car and motorcycle at the roadside.

Son’s sorrow: Yew mourning the death of his mother at the Kwong Tong funeral parlour yesterday evening. Offering their sympathies are state assemblyman for Kinrara Dr Kow Cheong Wei (centre) and Puchong MCA division chief Wong Hock Aun. Yek’s body was released for burial after a post mortem.“My mother sped off and I reversed my car to go another way. The group split into two and chased us. That’s when my mother and I got separated,” he said.
Yew said he managed to shake off his pursuers.
He then found his mother's car in an accident with another vehicle at Taman Bintang, near Bandar Kinrara. He brought Yek to Assunta Hospital.
“However, the hospital demanded RM10,000 for my mother’s operation but I only had RM250 with me. They made us wait an hour before transferring her to Hospital Kuala Lumpur,” he claimed.
Yek died three hours after she was admitted to HKL.
Meanwhile, Assunta Hospital said a medical officer had immediately attended to Yew's mother.
It said Yek was comatose restless and had suffered a heart attack. She had to be resuscitated and intubated, and needed four pints of blood.
However, when Yek was being prepared to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, Yew asked about charges.
“Hospital staff counselled that the estimated final bill could be more than RM10,000 in view of the severity of her injuries.
“The patient's family then requested for the patient to be transferred to a government hospital,” said the hospital.
It said the patient had incurred a bill of RM1,900 but only RM250 was paid.
“Assunta Hospital carried all emergency and necessary care and treatment for the patient and did not deny treatment or demand a deposit be paid before treatment,” it said, adding that all facts and information had been forwarded to the Health Ministry.
When contacted, Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Zainal Rashid said police were unaware of the assault on Yek.
Those with information can call 03-8948-4822 or the nearest police station.

Sigh........when can there be an end to all these sad stories? Lives have been lost because of some heartless beasts who are such inconsiderate monsters! Where are their hearts/brains/feelings?
I curse them with all my heart that they will burn and rot in hell...but not before having their skin sliced and chopped into tiny pieces and thrown to the dogs! Even animals deserve better treatments than these beasts! How I wish to see them being thrown into a huge meat-mincer machine and see their blood all ozzing out with their mouth widely opened screaming for rescue! That was how they treated their victoms and how their victims felt when faced with these heartless creatures!
Gosh...I could go on and on man!

...another insight of my mind...adios


zewt said...

the world is going crazy... not just malaysia. such is the predicament of life, isnt it?

1 hour to arrive... such is the protection we get...

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someone once said my blog was depressive.. hmm