Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nov 18, 2006 - TGI Saturday!

The husband is watching his other 'love' on tv - I thought I'll just pop in for a post. Was at Eden at Subang Parade for dinner - only the husband and Aniston...first time there. Ratings below:-

1. Ambience - so so...not what we expected it to be

2. Food - not too bad but portions are a bit too small, hence not enough to be shared for two. Ordered the 'Surf & Turf' (which is a platter with half lobster and a small steak fillet) Was half way thru chewing the 'rubbery' steak when I realised that I should have taken a picture of it......the husband said "forget it, la. nothing to shout about anyway". hence, no pic!
Apart from that, Oxtail Soup and Carbonara - small portions and slightly above average line - rating I mean.

3. Service - the husband is one who always looks up to good customer service, esp in the food business. His rating - not good *full stop*

4. Next visit? - Nope!

Well, our stomachs weren't really the thought of a yummylicious dessert floated our head. Aniston, "so, where to for dessert?" .....the reply? as usual, "up to you"' said the husband. Aniston, "Well, since TGIF is next door......*body language*. Husband, "OK".

So there we were....2nd seating for food within less than 2 hours.

Waiter: Can I get you anything, miss?" (*note the address "miss" - we weren't out with Zach. AM always addressed as "Ma am" if am seen with THE baby*)

Oh yes, did I mention that we were out on a 'date' to celebrate our belated 3rd wedding anniversary? nothing fancy...just wanna reminisce the good ol' days.....
ok ok..back to the conversation with our fellow waiter at TGI.......

Aniston: We are here for the dessert. Can we have a Mocha Mud Pie pls?".

Waiter: Sure! Any drinks?

Aniston: Yea. Strawberry Surprise, pls. Thanks. (My all-time favourite drink from TGI)

Waiter: And you, sir?

The Husband: Anchor Draught, pls.

The Ultimate TGIF Mocha Mud Pie

Gone Going Gone......Minutes later.......'s what we call a satisfying and fulfilling dinner. *burp*

alrighty...The husband is done with football....gonna have our *pillow talk* now......think whtever you want......

*lights off*


Shiang @ H2S said...

u didn't lick the plate clean......

Kris G said...

does that mean i should never ever go to Eden's?

Aniston said...

Shiang: No, I didn't...Bet you would! kakakaka

Kris: Well, let's put it this way....I wouldn't recommend it but no harm trying if you are curious. many other places better than this for sure!