Thursday, November 09, 2006

Debut Post - Nov 9, 2006

So, what makes me wanna start a blog? well..blame it to my kiasuism attitude that I've recently read heaps of blogs created by some frens and aquaintances and realised that I might miss the boat and not be part of the bandwagon....hence the creation of aniston-kathryne blog!
Nah.....those r just some craps as an introduction!

Well, I find that having blog is good to keep up with frens and at the same time a convenient way to have a so-called personal virtual diary! OK ok.....the fact that I've read other ppl's blogs somehow prompted me to create one! What's with the latest 'in' thing that I heard so often lately..."have you blogged?"; "leave a comment at my blog"; "log on to to blog"....urgh!!!!! what is this all about? now I's the next most happening thing in the virtual reality.....that it is!

Anyway, to those who visit......feel free to drop a few lines and comments. As for my part, I'll try to post at least one blog each day.


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Anonymous said...

welcome babes! another blogspot member, more blogs to keep my days occupied...hahaha!