Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov 17, 2006 - Past week recap kinda free now to recap what has taken place the past week...but before are some pics i just uploaded from my taken during the past week....

My boy in his deep slumber ~

Zach and Tasha - One U FoodCourt

Next - We were at my aunt's place last Sunday evening for her 62nd birthday celebration....some simple dinner with only close relatives.....check out some pics below...

THE birthday cake....Oreo Cheesecake - baked by yours truly. Yes, yes...I can bake...order anyone? Secret Recipe is making tonnes of money having their cakes overpriced!

THE 'Birthday Girl' cutting her cake.....surrounded by her beloved grandchildren.

Two of my favourite nieces , Abigail aka Princess and Phoebe aka Snow White....yes, she actually considers herself Snow White and refuse to answer to her own name other than Snow White. Note the hairstyle - ala Snow White (when the hair is let down)

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