Monday, July 18, 2011

Dad's BIG 60~

Dad turned 60 on Dec 29, 2010 and we were supposed to hold a celebration for him on the exact day......
unfortunately, hubby was down with chicken pox the day after Christmas and the boys too - a week after daddy got it! and YES...we postponed the dinner because it wouldnt be meaningful for dad to hold a birthday celebration without the presence of his son in law and beloved grandsons....

Hence the dinner was postponed to almost a month after the original date and it coincides with the pre-CNY celebration. So it was a 2 happy occasion combined!

Dad loves spending his free time playing mahjung, so we thought what could be a more appropriate cake than this?! Specially made and presented as dad's birthday gift from his 2 beloved nieces - I-Ling & I-Vee

It was just a small celebration with close family members and everyone had a great time, especially mom & dad! They were the Datuk & Datin of the night ;D

The loving couple ;)

Portrait shot for Datuk & Datin

It was truly heartwarming for me to see how happy and cheerful dad was on his special day and I was glad we held the celebration for him. One only turns 60 once and to have a special day surrounded by all his loved ones is just a truly blessed occasion......May he has many more happy and healthy birthdays to come in future!

The YEOH clan

The extended YEOH - GOH clan ;)

Dad and the 'super heroes' of his life ;)

Dad and his 'girls' ;D

Beloved sis, sil & cousins

Beloved sis

Grandchildren??? ya. sort of...except for the BIG kid on the right!

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