Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1 Year Younger!

The birthday in 2008 marks another major change in my life....I'm a birthday mother of 2!

It was a simple celebration the day before the exact day when Xiu, Vicky and Nat dropped by with a cute lil cake and a bouquet of white roses for me! I was touched by the thoughtful gesture! Thanks gal! Also to S.May, Kelly, CL (I'm touched by your call all the way fr HK!), and RL for the lovely gift........I'm truly delighted and touched til the bottom of my heart for ur thoughtfulness!

Well, I not only had a cake for my birthday this year - in fact 2! when hubby bought another yummylicious chocolate cake with simple but meaningful wordings on says there "Happy Birthday Mummy! From Zach and Roy!" - my 2 lovely boys!

Needless to say.... I was again touched til the most bottom of my heart!

On another note - It was my very first birthday throughtout my entire life having 2 birthday cakes at the same time! haha.... I know I sound a bit swaku....but it's TRUE!

A bit 'charn' - no make up...still in confinement!

Our first family portrait, which include Roy!



Shiang @ H2S said...

hey kate! congrats on havin the new comer !

take care ya?

zewt said...

happy belated!