Thursday, February 19, 2009


Is it a toy? A slimming device? A virtual gym? An electronic sports device?

Whatever it's called? I'm hooked!

Meet my new friend......

Got it as a V gift from hubby last week and I can say it's the perfect V gift for the whole family. Really keeps us occupied, happy, worked out the whole weekend! Even Zach is hooked on it! And I dont mind him playing it daily. One thing good about Wii, especially WiiSports is that it's not like any other TV games which are blamed to poise obesity among kids because of the minimum movements and actions involved (or so I thought). But with WiiSports, the whole body is involved and it's a secret weapon for mommy n daddy to encourage Zach to exercise - Geez, I hope I don't sound like a Wii salesperson~

OK. I've been secretly wanting to get one since I've first heard about the fun and how exciting this new innovation from Nintendo is all about. Never really bothered looking around and getting one after I found out how pricey it was when it was first launched. Not until recently......and no looking back since! Bloody smart/brilliant/creative/innovative Japanese!
*2 hands down in salutation*
Mind you.....this tiny machine can really make you sweat! Been playing tennis, bowling and boxing daily and waking up every morning with aching arms! No joke! Think I can rely on it to tone up my arm muscles! Haha...wishful thinking!

I'm having my eyes on Wii-Fit now. According to a friend who also bought a set recently, it works like a personal gym at home with a personal trainer too! Shall see if it works magic in my quest to shed some fats!
*hubby's gonna shake his head and think it's impossible bcos to him, the only effective way to lose weigh is the conventional workout at the REAL gym or the swimming pool*
Well, no matter what he thinks....I shall be getting my hands on a Wii-Fit soon! *wink*


zewt said...

hmmm... ppl should play sports on courts... not wii...

you should teach zach the same oh.... no? :)

chris said... much does the Wii cost now?

Been wanting to get one too but the whole family is standing back now cos my sis has her PMR this year! URGH! :P And to think that there's nothing to hold us back now huh? As long as someone in the household is still in school, everyone's still in school! LOL

But yea, heard that the Wii-Fit is a pretty cool thing. My favs are tennis and boxing ;)

Aniston said...

Zewt: Will do just that once Zach is capable enough to control the real tennis racquet and strong enough to throw the REAL bowling ball. Meanwhile, we'll jusm ake do with Wii :)
*I remember ur blog on overweight and spoilt brats who r over-exposed in electronic games. No worries, I shall know my limits with Zach *wink*

Wei: We paid RM1180 for an extra set of nunchuk and controller and 10 CDs. Well, my suggestion would be to limit ur sis in her playtime with Wii and then u destress with it whenever u can *wink* am sure ur sis is old n matured enough to understand.