Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Day, Mate!


Back from Down Under (Perth) almost 3 weeks ago and suffice to say, I actually enjoyed myself throughout our week-long stay at such a peaceful place filled with green, tranquility at the parks and garden and cleanliness!

Australia never failed in providing us the safe and escured environment whether we are at the city or the suburbs. The kids love it there so much that "I dont wanna go back to Malaysia! I wanna stay in Perth only", exclaimed Roy the night we told him that we were flying home the next day. Needless to say, it wont be our last trip there! Yes.....hubby and I already made plans to revisit Down Under in the near future!

Everything was in such a slow and steady pace that we automatically had our mental switches toned down probably 5 levels below? there is such a bliss and it seems like everyday there is like weekends! Outdoor movies, endless walks on parks and gardens, clean environment (even their public toilets at the playground are at tip-top condition), friendly locals and migrants, smooth traffic everywhere and best of all, we didnt have to worry for our children's safety at all! Kiddos ran wild in every park, garden and playground we visited and each outing there ended with "why must we le ave so early?" when it was already summary, it was endless fun fun fun for the kiddos and mommy and daddy were thoroughly rejuvenated from such a chillaxing vacation!

Next vacation - BEACH HOLIDAY AT KOH SAMUI! Flight and villa booked! Heading up north for the sun, sand and beach this May! So excited...cant wait cant wait!

Yes! hubby's remedy for each post-vacation syndrome is "to plan and book for the next trip" and Samui it is next!

Some pics from Down Under....

Camwhoring at Kings Park

Breathtaking sunset at Kings Park

The Perth 2012 entourage!

Fremantle Harbour


I heart this shot :)

The 4 chipmunks of the trip

The 3 most important men in my life...


Candid shot of these magnificent jellyfish at AQWA

His highlight of the trip! Still talks about til today...

My heart and soul...

These too...

Nothing beats the joy of seeing such happiness in your kids!

Mommy camwhoring moment...

Sandalford Winery

Yes....more camwhoring...

Ok ok....last pic ;)

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