Thursday, December 14, 2006

14 Dec, 2006 - A Few Days

First it was a wedding we attended on Saturday (9 Dec). It was the husband's cousin's wedding. Took place in Tangkak, Johor. Took us almost 4 hours just to reach there where it was supposed to be only a 2-hour journey. Thanks to the long stretch of jam at Seremban.

Well, the wedding dinner was in a typical Chinese restaurant where you have those people who took to the stage and sang like they are superstars. Of course there's a few hired ones whom are not too bad....One fatty fellow actually had quite a good voice when he sang...but just dont look at him. Voice and physical appearance just dont match!
And to add in salt to injury, we were seated right next to 3 HUGE speakers!! was damn deafening and ears-polluting! All in All....not an enjoyable dinner!

10 Dec, 2006
My darling surprised me by getting me a brand new phone! Sony Ericsson Z558i.
He actually wanted to get himself one (his old one was a real junk and he needed a replacement terribly). Mine was still usable and in a very good condition. But of course like the Malay said "Rezeki Jangan Ditolak!" ha ha ha.... I took the offer when the hubby told me to choose one which I like.
Hubby: A Christmas gift from me.

So there we leaving the shop with a glee and hubby....of course a bigger hole in the pocket but said that he's happy that he made me happy! Well, I'm happier to know that he's happy making me happy......



11 Dec, 2006

Public holiday in Selangor. The hubby took the day off too to bring his parents and relatives shopping. Yes...a whole troop of them came down since last week for the wedding.

Venue - One Utama

Duration - 11am - 7pm

Remarks - Holes in everyone's pocket!


12 Dec, 2006

The in-laws left early in the morning to ca tch a 7.20 flight back to Terengganu.

Finally back to my much mellowed-down life after a week of entertaining and being a hospitable host *wink*...not to mention the 'good' daughter in-law

Took my beloved son for his once-in-2-months haircut! A daymare for him and for me! Never liked having his hair cut and it's a pretty difficult situation to deal with, esp. with his constant struggle and resistance! Well, it took to the worse when the much dreaded incident happened! As my hairdresser (yes, I only trust her.....been cutting my son's haircut since his birth) was using the electronic shaver for a final touch, my beloved son had to decide on that time to make a big struggle and GAWD! her hand slipped and there you have it.....a deep gap/hole in the middle of his head! No choice but to shave his head almost bald to cover up the obvious hole! sigh! His shortest hairstyle ever...since birth!

The Shaolin kid - as my brother put it.......

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