Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What the F@#%?

Aniston : Kenapa botol ini berdiri macam ini?

"Smart maid" : Nak dikeringkan

Aniston : Bukan terbalikkan ke? Macam ini berdiri mana boleh kering? Kena terbalikkan la, air baru boleh menitik keluar.

"Smart maid" : Berdiri boleh, maam. Udara masuk dari atas, kering la.

Aniston : Siapa kata?

"Smart maid" : Saya!

Imagine my horror when she answered me tht? Those close to me know how much I despise my current maid with all the stupidity she possesses and yet refused to admit her mistakes each time I caught her doing silly things or carrying out her duty HER way instead of mine! ANd worst of all is...she thinks she's right in her silly ways of doing things and had the cheeks to argue with me, i.e. this "bottle" case!
More to blog abt this "Smart robot" in my next post!


Zeta said...

i was in a night market last night buying rojak when the seller was asking a question to her maid but her maid didn't answer until the lady boss has to asked a few times n the maid actually answered in a very frustrated manner 'iye..saya dengar la ni!' then the boss started grumbling if you hear me, pls answer la, everytime hv to ask few times.

whoah i tell u, if me...i wld smack her F@#^ing head right there n then! hence, i hv decided i will not hire a maid!!

White Lily Devil said...

she hv guts man, but idiotic at the same time!
wut on earth is she thinking? Or may i say she's not?

zewt said...

hahahahahaha... your maid for balls. well, at least they didnt run away.