Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Damn the virus....

I was damn happy with the mp3 files that I've dowloaded over the weekend, namely Jason Mraz, Natasha Bedingfield and One Republic when this window suddenly popped up and notified me that my computer has been infected with not ONE but over 30 viruses!!!!!!!!
And it's only been barely 2 weeks since I got my laptop!!!!

There I thought that I could rely on the trial verson of the Antivirus that I've got..but somehow it didnt do the work it was supposed to and I'm left with the mp3s that I've wanted but also some extra gifts - those stupid viruses!!!!!!!

And ppl told me that it's ok to have caught some viruses...."Just download the antivirus from the net. Solve your problem. - period_"

No way!!!! my bro in law, whom we all refer to as Dr Computer came to my rescue tht weekend itself. Tried to downlaod the antivirus software that he has but to no avail. Apparently Windows Vista is still pretty new that older versions of antivirus software cannot perform they way they should be on Vista. Double doom for me!

The solution I was told - get a pirated (or cracked) version of the most updated antivirus software from the market and your problem will be solved. It only costs RM10.

So the very day itself (which was yesterday) I made my way to Pyramid to get the thing I was supposed to.
End result - got a genuine antivirus program instead. The salesman somehow managed to convince me with his recommendation of the latest version of antivirus siftware - Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.
Was expecting to spend 10 bucks on the cracked Antivirus 2009, but forked out 130 bucks extra for a genuine one instead. Ouch!

Mission #1 accomplished!

Back home - I couldnt wait to install the cd the minute I got home but not without spending almost 2 hours of putting the kids to sleep and whatever there is to do before I could have some peaceful time of my own. Cut the story short - managed to accomplish mission #2 (disinfecting the viruses) today at ard 3 pm!!! A freaking 5 hours since morning. Not before having some trials n errors of installing and setting up the sofware. Forgive me for I'm an amateur when it comes to rectifying IT problems...... Darn...tht's a very long time to get rid of those unwanted pests in my system! Anyway...all's well now...or so I hope.....looks good to me so far.....tht antivirus better prove its worth for my laptop for the next 1 year. I dont expect anymore harm in my system now that I've spent on the software.

Mr Kaspersky; you better do your magic as what you promised on the cover of the CD! haha

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may said...

i know its painful to give out 130 for antivirus. But i really think its worth it. If you have money, I would recommend to anyone to get a good Antivirus / internet security protection (please don't get norton or mcafee.. they are very "heavy" software) I'm not sure about the one you got. I heard about it before but never find out more about it. I have constantly preached about AVG. Its free but if you want internet security, you gotta pay. But they have proven themselves over the years that they are serious with security without the frills.