Friday, January 09, 2009


OH great........just when we tot we can rely on the Opposition to give us new hope n all.........another bombshell hit us yet again.......our 'beloved' Anwar Ibrahim stating tht PKR has no objection in PAS' proposal of the ridiculous 'hudud' law....GREAT...just GREAT
And now Karpal Singh is also slamming his own 'boss' in the party for such ridiculous remarks. Fellow members can even come to an agreement among can they come together as ONE to form a new government? CRAP!

I mean.......should we believe what the media said? Should we still pine hope for PKR to bring changes to the country? Is it true that hudud law is only applicable to the Muslims? If yes, what abt the non-Muslims? What law are we gonna abide by? CRAP........plain CRAP!

Things are certainly not looking very good as a headstart of 2009, politically wise that is. First it's the by-election in Kuala Terengganu (KT). It's all just plan craps when I hear stories on how the BN is fishing votes from the Chinese community. Apparently a troop of MCA heads went all the way there just to have a meet-the-people session. Meet-the-Chinese community session more likely. What the hell for? Just to regain a seat in the parliment? For what? More people to share BIGGER pieces of cake? BN should ask themselves....

Wht hav they done since they won the election last March?
Have they managed to gain the confidence from the people?
Have they learnt their lesson from the political tsunami?
Have they tried to bring new hope to the people?

----- only one answer to the above questions - NO- -----

Next is the conflicts in the Middle East which is saddening. It's all about religion....AGAIN. And our stupid leaders are taking sides.....I mean in times like this, shouldnt we all try to be harmonius and find solutions to end all these conflicts rather than saying things like "We are with the Palestines". I dont know about what u people think but I feel we shouldnt interfere too much and instead, the leaders should focus on the problems in our very own backyard lor. Like how are they gonna boost the economy and help the people's welfare in times like this. But NO...they chose to "jaga tepi kain orang"....tht's what they do best! URGH!!!!!

Am so pissed off now.....

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