Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 year younger!

Another year....with lesser candles on the cake? Hahahahaha...I wish!!!!!
I've been in states of denial with my age after last year's birthday....I'm not gonna be in my 20s anymore fr next year onwards!!!!! :(

But then again...age is just a number....I'll always be 25 at heart *wink*

Well, it's always nice to be celebrating birthdays with close family members around. Good food, good company and lots n lots of laughter...........ahhhhhhhhh....I love my family.....~

Wonder wht goes thru dad's mind when he lit the candles on my bday cake......his darling daughter is so so much younger! haha

Thank goodness Jean bought a cake big enough to accomodate those candles!!!!

The loves of my life~

My 'first' love....after hubby! hehe

Up to his mischiefs....

As always....he enjoys the cake the most.....esp dark black chocolatety ones!


CL said...

DOn't worry. u so do not look u are even near 30. Age is just a label, so long as we still get the "Wows" we will be above the rest. hehehe :P Look at Nicole Kidman, Michelle Reis or my cousin sis in law. They are in their late 30s or 40s but we still go "wow". I guess the times have changed! Did I just make everyone feel better. heheheh :P

Aniston said...

wow CL...u DEFINITELY made me feel much much better! I love u more for that! :) I like it when u said that age is just a label...haha..sounds better than just a number.

Aniston said...
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