Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day......and more updates!

As the world celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, I too had my share of it :)
In fact I got my Mother's Day gift a night earlier when Zach came out of the kitchen suddenly with this..........

"Mummy, Happy Mother's Day to you! Teacher Aaron told me to give this to you."

I was speechless and could not hold my laughter because just seconds before he gave this to me, he actually had a fight with Roy and the bigger one wins of course, with a strong push on Roy and making that little fellow knocked his head on the floor. So obviously, it was followed by a big hoo hah and without any of us noticing, big fellow actually went to the kitchen and came out with the gift for me. I was actually about to give him an earful on how he shouldnt push his brother and all...but as I got this gift from him, my heart just melted. Instead of an earful, I just merely told him that it wasnt right for him to do that to his brother and he went straight to Roy and gave him a peck as an apology. Sweet~

And if you think that he was being sneaky presenting me with the gift as a cover-up right after he did something wrong, it wasnt so. It was a coincident when my maid asked him what was inside his food container that he remembered it was a gift for me. Obviously he forgot all about it until my maid asked him. Hence, the not-so-right timing in passing me the gift :)
Thank goodness my son is not as sneaky as I thought he was initially.....

Next morning.... hubby suggested that we spend the day at KLCC on Mother's Day. It started off with brunch there and followed by a trip to Aquaria KLCC - something fun for the kids. Seeing the excitement and happiness of my kids just made Mother's Day more meaningful altogether.

One of the underworld scenery shots I took...


A lil updates .......

I was watching TV one evening when Zach came rushing into the house...

"Mommy, mommy. Come out. Come out and see!"
"See what, Zach?"

Pulling my hands and running towards the door... "You come. I show you."

Pointing into the sky... "Look, mommy!"

I hope it's clear from the picture here that my son was just overwhelmed and excited over this rainbow! Nature's wonder in bringing cheers to a child :)

Hubby: How often can you see a squirrel running around your garden?
Needless to say, my four-year-old was super excited.......

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