Thursday, May 17, 2012

And 32 Arrives...

I have to admit that I stopped looking forward to my birthday after I turned 30. I somehow dont feel as young as before and the fact that my age starts with a big 3 just isnt fun!
Well, tht's just me. It just isnt that fun and the same anymore celebrating my birthday looking at 3 huge candles on the cake :)
Ok ok...I know age is just a number and I should just embrace being a woman in her 30s....Ok...I will try.....just need some time :)

Anyway, we had a double celebration on my birthday this year because it was also Mother's Day that day. We had 2 celebration that weekend; first a Mother's Day dinner at South Sea Restaurant on the 12th and then at Dancing Fish Restaurant in BSC on my birthday the next day. As much as I sorta dread turning 32, I truly enjoyed myself those 2 days being surrounded by my loved ones. Everyone (mom, dad, sis, bro, hubby & of cos my two munchkins!) turned up for dinner on both days and we had loads of fun chatting, joking and enjoying the yummilicious food during those 2 days.

At Dancing Fish @ 3rd Floor, BSC
Nice ambience and damn GOOD food!
Highly recommended!

Shot by Zach :)

Zach said it should start with Roy's name cos he's the youngest.....isnt my boy sweet or what? :)


9th birthday as a wife; 8th birthday as a Mommy :)

I do wish my birthday wishes come true :)

Kids just love birthdays!

Ok...I kinda enjoyed turning 32...hehe

Yea....the birthday girl is officially 32!

My beloved munchkin #2 - Knife lickin' good!


He just wouldnt stop doing it...

And asked for more...

Enough Roy! "NOOOOOOO!"

They chose the cake that they love :D I look forward to my 33rd???? Nope! Not yet......Let's just let me enjoy my 32nd :D

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