Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sawadeeka Koh Samui

You betcha!!!!!
YES! Another escapade from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the remote island - Koh Samui!
It was indeed a much-deserved 5 day pampering for both hubby and I - spa every single day throughout our stay there! Paradise! We were spoilt to the max!

We enjoyed, the kids enjoyed and even our helper enjoyed ourselves there very much!
Let the pictures do the talking, alright? ;D

 Landing soon.......Sawadeeka Koh Samui! It's only a 90 minutes flight from KL!

 Monkeying around in Samui Airport - it took us almost an hour just to queue up in the Immigration Department cos it's a very tiny airport with only 2 counters opened for immigration procedures!

 On the way to our villa :)

 Our home for 5 days


The ultimate escapade from civilization - wifi was super weak we were practically cut off from the outside world! The time when I truly appreciate the simple yet reliable Maxis Roaming services. We were only reacheable via GSM! Haha!

 Their happiest place throughout the whole vacation

 Quality time spent with my beloveds...

 Got those jerseys made on the spot at Lamai town. Cute or what? ;D

The Clubhouse where we had our daily meals at the villa throughout our stay. Friendly staff, good food, refreshing environment!

 The simple yet delicious vegetable spring rolls served at the Clubhouse - I ordered this almost every meal! Yes! it's tht yummy!

 Khao Phad (Thai Fried Rice) - Roy's ultimate favorite Thai dish! He ordered it EVERY SINGLE MEAL! Yes! even for breakfast! This particular one dished out by the nice people at the Clubhouse is the best of all fried rice we had in Koh Samui :)

Pad Thai (Stir fried rice noodles) - A MUST HAVE for us in every Thai trip! I noticed this dish is served differently in different places in the whole of Thailand. We had it with fresh beansprout, crushed peanuts and sugar on the side when we were in Phuket. It's only fresh beansprout and cut lime over here in Koh Samui. Nevertheless, one of our all-time fav Thai dish!

 Elephant Trackking at NamMuang National Park. 
Hated it! Never would I ever get onto those beasts ever again! The elephant I was on was not in a very good mood that morning and it just refused to move eventhough the Mahut (elephant trainer) tried coaxing it for quite a long time. It even made the loud trumpet sound and was hitting its trunk non-stop on the ground! In the end we decided to cut short our trackking journey and returned to the base. My mind ran wild throughout the whole time we were on the elephants!

 My munchkins braving through the rough trails to the waterfalls.

The tricky manoeuver through the long bamboo bridge on the way to the waterfalls

At the magnificent waterfalls at the National Park

Fooling around at the back of a 4WD which took us to the National Park

<3 them to bits!!!!

Dinner at Sala Thai, a much-touted popular Thai-Western Restaurant in the heart of Lamai town (among tourists of cos).
We had a great time dining and shopping at Lamai Town that we went back there again on our final night in Koh Samui. Prefer Lamai over the much bigger and busier Chaweng town.

Shopping was superb here *evil grin* Yes! Who says you dont get to spend much in Koh Samui? We ran out of cash on the first night here itself that we had to change the remainder RM in our wallets to feed our shopping hunger! Lesson learnt - change more local currencies eventhough you might think you dont need that much. 

We had the whole beach to ourselves throughout our stay there! Kids' playground every single day!

 The best and most satisfying meal we had there - Spirit House, located in the heart of Chaweng town - about 30 minutes drive from our villa. Highly recommended!
This dish is called Miengkam - a Thai specialty (appetiser) where dried and fresh condiments (chili, lime, dried shrimps, dried coconut flesh, peanuts) are wrapped in raw leaves (ala pohpia). This is my all-time favourite Thai dish ;). It's usually served as a DIY dish where you wrap those condiments yourself but the one served here in Spirit House is already nicely wrapped and super delish!
Love it love it love it! I can never get sick of this dish. It's refreshing and extremely appetising!

 This needs no introduction - Roy's fried rice ;)

 What's a Thai meal without the Tom Yum Kong? I like that every restaurant would ask how spicy we want our tom yum to be made. We would always go for less spicy :D

Another MUST HAVE! The fragrant glutinous rice and the semi-sweet cream make a perfect combo with the super sweet mangoes! I would sooooooooooooooooo go super fat if I were to stay in Thailand for a long period of time! Haha!

Fine dining at The Patio - Pavillion Resort in Lamai. 
Food - so so only and they dont even have my favs (miengkam and sticky rice with mango dessert) like WTF rite? Those are supposed to be the super popular dishes and they dont serve them here!
AND the food here is overly priced too!

Ambience - soothing because the restaurant is situated right in front of the beach. Super lovely view from where we were seated.

 Beachfront view from the restaurant.
See the lil hut behind hubby? It was specially set up upon request for special occasion purposes. (THB4000 just for the tent - nicely decorated with flowers and lightings)
 The one set up here was requested by a guy for a birthday celebration for his gal. How sweet.......

 At the Departure area at Samui Airport. A very lovely outdoor-ish area with restaurants and shops on both sides of the streets. A one-of-a-kind airport indeed :)

A random 'artistic' shot I took from my D5100 (its debut overseas trip with us) :)
This was taken at a garden at the Departure Area.....

Bye Bye Samui - we will definitely come back (to Thailand) again......
In fact, we have already confirmed our villa reservation and flight booking for our next escapade in August!
Phuket await *winks*
Hubby's rationale - the remedy to a Post Vacation Syndrome (PVS) is.....to book for another vacation!

Yes! that's how much we love travelling AND yes, Thailand again! 

Stay tuned for most holiday posts from me ;)


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